Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why People Do Rescue

Came across this article on a online Dogs Magazine, it explains about the situations and people who unfortunately are more concerned with their own personal gratification than the welfare of the rescue animals.

Honestly some humans its an absolute disgrace.! Fortunately there are many kind rescue people who do care about us pooches and do things in the correct way, thank goodness..!

The examples given in this article, are people who take on pure-bred dogs from a rescue shelter for the sole purpose of breeding and making money by selling. Often they inbreed the dogs so inevitably the dogs end up with severe health problems

People who spend a lot of time talking about how great they are , and rescue everything and subsequently end up with a huge collection of animals which they can't possibly look after properly, and they don't spay, castrate, take the animals to a vet. Also don't euthanize sick or aggressive animals because they '"love them too much"

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