Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Smelly - A Dog's Life

The post about older dogs got me thinking, I am a old pooch now. Thirteen and a half years (91 one in human years), my eye sight is not so good anymore and I don't like running for the ball or stick quite as much as I used too, and I pee in my dog bed when I am asleep apparently. Anyhow,  it got me reminiscing about my life, when I was a younger pooch . I thought I would share with you a few of the good, bad and smelly times in my life.

My first day at Puppy socialisation classes  that was fun, NOT !. We arrived at the class and I was the smallest pup, scary or what !. I had to do this game were the puppy instructor held on to me and let go when Nikki called my name, to see if I would respond by  running towards her . How stupid was that ! . What did the instructor think I would do, stand there and have a scratch and look around the room aimlessly. duh !. I was in a room full of giants, of course I would run too Nikki.  
Anyhow, eventually I become more confident and was able to socialise,  ie, sniff back side with the rest of the pups. (I suppose that was what they meant by puppy socialisation)

I have got a bit of a scowl on my face I know, but cute nonetheless..

Going on my first windsurfing trip in a camper van that was great.  I got too stay in the cosy van , while Nikki and Richard went windsurfing in the pouring rain  ( I really don't understand humans sometimes and their obsession with water). When the rain stopped Nikki and Richard took me for a long walk on the beach, then I shared some fish and chips  and  slept on their bed. Waking them up every hour or so, as I kept hearing noises  , it was probably just the wind but just incase I had to protect the van by letting out a woof at regular intervals throughout the night. Nikki and Richard looked a bit 'Ruff' in the morning I don't know why..?


Me and Nikki sitting in front of the camper van.


When I was just 4 months old I tripped over a step and apparently was quite vocal about my pain, so Nikki picked me up and rushed me to the vet, passing two speed cameras on the way . When we arrived to the vet, I was feeling much better and the vet gave me the all clear. Nikki was relieved that nothing was wrong with me, but not so happy when she got two brown envelopes asking her for money, because apparently she was driving a liitle too fast to the vet and had to pay for two speeding fines ! .  Oh well never mind I was worth it :)

Moving on to one of my best smelly times that was when we were living in the countryside in Berkshire. I used to drive Nikki and Richard crazy by rolling  in some very interesting stuff left behind by sheep, cows etc. What bliss :).
Tenerife also offers good smelly opportunities. When there is a high tide very stinky dead fish often get left behind.. The only problem with my smelly times, it only last a short time, as often that not, Nikki insists I have a bath to wash off the wonderful smell I have just acquired !
Me after having a bath, I smelt really bad apparently. That 's just a matter of opinion though !
Moving to Tenerife was exciting, a whole post was dedicated to my move if you click here you can read all about it .

Being the Ambassador for Tenerife dogs has been great and a very important part of my life. I have met some wonderful people online and in real life who work really hard to help  the poor doggies in Tenerife who are not as fortunate as me. I have acquired celebrity status by being a spokesmutt , but I think I have stayed grounded ( very close to the ground :)
                               Photo of me at the computer

I was very ill six months ago, I eat something nasty when out for my walkies and that was a very frightening experience. I thought I was a goner !. I had dehydrated badly and my kidneys were poorly. With the help of my vet I pulled through. I have got to mention here my mate Pete, who runs Poochie Pet Hotel and Rescue.  Pete probably saved my life, as when Nikki phoned him up to explain I was ill, Pete told her to go back to the vet immediately and not to leave it any longer even though I just visited the vet that morning.

I had just come out of intensive care in this photo

All round I have had mostly good experiences in my life and very few really bad experiences. So I have been a very lucky doggie. I have been loved, spoilt, fed well, and no question if I need veterinary care the credit card comes out immediately . I have been on lots of holidays and have had fabulous walkies. In the countryside and on beaches chasing sticks and balls. Which have been  kindly thrown by expert ball and stick thrower Richard.  Nikki, I have got to say is not much good at throwing, she has a bit of a girlie way of throwing balls and sticks.

I will end with the very best moment in my life which was  when Nikki and Richard decided to adopt me, I was of course the cutest and most intelligent pup of the litter so it was not surprising that they adopted me, they have such good taste.
How cute was I !

My cat chasing days are not quite over yet though, hopefully I  have a year or two left or even more who knows.  I just have to take it a bit slower now.  As the saying goes...

 "There is life in the old dog yet'

Hasta luego mis amigos and woof woof
Snr Basil
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Monday, March 28, 2011


Written by Caz Irving Veterinary assistant

Dogs, especially puppies, are extremely playful and love to explore. While play with people and other dogs is an important part of socialisation and social development, exploring and object play are important ways for dogs to learn about their environment. It is a normal behaviour for puppies to investigate their environment by sniffing, tasting and perhaps chewing on objects throughout the home. 

There are various reasons why dogs chew, for example some may be scavenging for food (as in raiding dustbins), others playing (as in the dog that chews on objects that releases feathers or foam such as cushions or sofas), teething (dogs 3 to 6 months of age that chew on household objects), or satisfying a natural urge to chew and gnaw (which may serve to help keep teeth and gums healthy). Some dogs may chew because they receive attention (even if it is negative) or treats from the owners each time they chew, and the owners are inadvertently rewarding the behaviour. Chewing and destructive behaviours may also be a symptom of anxiety. Dogs that are confined in areas where they are insecure or frightened may dig and chew in an attempt to escape. Dogs that are in a state of conflict, high arousal or anxiety may also turn to chewing and other forms of destructiveness as an outlet for their emotional responses.
Arriving home and punishing a pet for chewing that has occurred in your absence will only serve to increase your pet’s anxiety and cause more problems with its behaviour.

How can chewing be treated?

 First, it is important to determine the cause and motivation for chewing. If the dog is a puppy or young adult that is chewing at a variety of objects in the household, it is likely that play and investigation (and perhaps teething) is the motive. Dogs that raid bins and steal food off counters are obviously motivated by the presence and smell of food. Some dogs are attempting to escape confinement while in others chewing may be an outlet for anxiety. Directing the chewing into appealing alternatives, providing sufficient play and exercise, and preventing inappropriate chewing are all techniques used in dealing with this problem. In addition you must ensure that you are not inadvertently rewarding the behaviour by interacting with your dog when he is chewing. If the dog is still a puppy the chewing behaviour may decrease in time, provided you direct it into proper outlets. In the case of dogs that are raiding bins or food stealing the behaviour itself is self-rewarding and booby trapping the bin or food with an unpleasant stimulus, such as taste or sound, may be necessary. Close supervision and prevention of access are obviously also needed. Dogs that are destructive in an attempt to escape confinement must learn to become comfortable and secure with the place where they are to be confined. Dogs that are destructive as an outlet for anxiety, will need to have the cause of the anxiety diagnosed, and the problem appropriately treated.

Encourage correct chewing.

Before considering how inappropriate chewing might be discouraged the real key is to provide some appropriate outlets for your dog’s chewing “needs.” Begin with a few toys with a variety of tastes, smells, and textures to determine what appeals most to your pet. Although plastic, nylon or rubber toys may be the most durable, products that can be torn apart such as rawhide or pigs ears may be more like natural prey. Coating toys with liver or cheese spread may also increase their desirability as may soaking the toy in meat juices. Durable chew toys with hollow centres are ideal as their appeal can be greatly enhanced by placing a piece of cheese or liver inside and then filling them tight with biscuits. This encourages the dog to "work" to get its reward. You can also place soup or meat juices into these toys and freeze them.

To ensure that your puppy is encouraged and rewarded for chewing on its toys, and discouraged from chewing on all other objects, it must be well supervised. Whenever supervision is not possible, you must prevent access to any object or area that might be chewed.

Increase play and exercise.

The needs of most working dogs are usually satisfied with daily work sessions (retrieving, herding, sledding, etc.), while non-working house-pets will require alternative forms of activity to meet their requirements for work and play. Games, such as retrieving and catching a ball or Frisbee, and exercise, in the form of long walks or jogging, are often acceptable alternatives to work, allowing the dog an opportunity to expend energy and benefit from the attention of their owner. Obedience training, agility classes and simply teaching your dog a few tricks provide some stimulation and "work" to the dog's daily schedule.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Kennels are finished at Poochie Pet Hotel and Rescue !

Went up to visit my mates Pete and Kate who run Poochie Pet Hotel and Rescue. Had some coffee and biscuits, well Nikki had the coffee I had the biscuits .

Poochie's now have some swanky new kennels as you can see in the photos. Kate lovingly painted a mural in each kennel and all the kennels are tiled for easy cleaning.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Accion-del-sol Weekly update

Press release written by Karen Clack -
Aktion Tiers vets in Germany are on duty 24hours a day , caring and treating all types of domestic, wild and animals in danger, ranging from dogs to horses, birds to pigs. This is a lot of hard work for the vets in Germany.
Aktion Tier in Tenerife have applied for a licence in Tenerife so they can to help various types of animals. They would like to have a mobile veterinary ambulance , this would help alot of animals and people who are elderly or unable to travel to a vets. In Germany this service has been operating very successfully for many years by Aktion Tier. The mobile ambulance would obviously not be as equipped as a clinic but it would help in the first instance to aid an injured or sick animal. If you would like to find out more about Aktion Tier then please view there website at www.aktiontier.org/ 

In the first week of April 100 of pupils from the Los Cristianos Public School will visit the refuge. It is a good sign that more and more education centres in Tenerife are respecting and visiting the stray dog rescue centre and learning how to care and treat animals. This can only help in the future to give animals a better life.
Also In the First week of April Spanish TV will make a report about Acción del Sol´". People will be able to see what happens to a dog after arriving at the refuge Accion del Sol , this will include the veterinary care that the dog receives and the rehomming procedures at the refuge. 
Lots of dogs from Arona and Granadilla have come in to the refuge in the last few weeks, please before you buy a dog. Come to the refuge or tell your friends and neighbours about the rescue centre. This is a good way to help us re home our many dogs in our care. The refuge is open Monday - Friday 3-6 pm 
Sunday saw a few hearty Accion Del Sol supporters heading to Guaza car boot to raise a few euros for the dogs, firstly a big thank you to all the people that have donated clothing, bric a brac, furniture etc for us to sell and to all the volunteers that helped today. Please contact the refuge on 922778630 or Karen on 687905511 if you have any items that you would like to donate to Accion Del Sol. Training
Another handy tip from Caz Lowther. 
Reward Based Training - If there is one thing all dogs respond to no matter what they are doing is receiving a treat of some sort. A treat/reward can be in the for of Food, Toys, Play time or good old spoken Praise.

The golden rule in training is Ignore any Unwanted behaviour, and Praise any Good behaviour. EG the puppy that goes off to their bed and finds a toy which they start chewing gets ignored by the owner, the next day the puppy sees a slipper on the floor picks it up and runs off swiftly followed by the owner giving chase… Which behaviour do you want to see repeated?? I can tell you now the slipper episode is the one the puppy will remember as it was great fun.

Don't forget our Spring fund raising event on the 10th of April with a fashion show, a petting section of various animals for the children, horse rides, and lots more fun for all the family. The dog agility course will also be open for anyone that would like to practise with there dog. This will be a great day out . If anyone would like to join in and help us in any way then please contact the refuge or Karen on the above numbers. We are still looking for a larger model size 16 or up if anyone would like to volunteer.

Aktion tier-animal shelter Tenerife Acción del Sol

A center for the protection and medical care of animals on Tenerife Industrial area of Granadilla

ITER Park Exit 52 TF1.
38600 Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife - Accion Del Sol is open Monday - Friday 3- 6pm

Tel.: +34 922 77 86 30

Fax: +34 922 77 86 30

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Monday, March 21, 2011

K9 Event - Sunday 27th of March from 2pm


AT VIVO (formerly Pleasure Island)
Free Admission but donation welcome

Sequence of Events:
Michelle Almgill
Ritmania Dance School
Interval.. Raffle & Quiz
Dave Michaels.
All Proceeds to the 4 legged guys at K9
Further info from Kay on 626 759 007

Patrons of all K9 functions are invited to bring along a treat or biscuits for the dogs & cats at the kennels.

Please come along and add your support. Thanks.
Refreshments are available at Vivo.
Stalls with K9 goods and the sale of personalised kids jewellery

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Happy Tail - Mr Pickles and Tia fly to Germany

The pups Mr Pickles and Tia have had a hard time of it, contracting parvo viruis but with the help of Hospivet and Poochie Pet Hotel they pulled through.

Here is a photo of the the pups with Hazel ( K9) and Kate (Poochie Pet Hotel) at the airport waiting for their plane, to take them to homes in Germany. Goodluck pups :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Next Sunday  March 27 in Icod de los Vinos (Parking Asomada) is the first Interclub ChampionshipAgility Club of Tenerife. Begins at 11:00 followed by a small exhibition of dog frisbee and skills

City Council collaborates with HE Icod de los Vinos, Agility Club organizes and sponsors AcanaTenerife - Orijen.

Check out their blog

El próximo Domingo 27 de Marzo se celebrara en Icod de los Vinos (Parking Asomada) el primer campeonato interclub del Club Agility de Tenerife. Comenzara a las 11:00 y seguidamente abra una pequeña exhibición de dog frisbee y habilidades caninas

Colabora el Excmo Ayuntamiento de Icod de los Vinos, organiza el Club Agility de Tenerife y patrocina Acana - Orijen.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Film Review - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

A funny and romantic tale of a downtown Chihuahua (Papi) who falls in love with a uptown pampered Chihuahua (Chloe).

Papi belongs to the garderner of Chloe’s owner , and first sets his eyes on Chloe when she is relaxing around the pool with her Beverly hills pampered canine friends. Chloe at first is not impressed with Papi as he smells of dirt and is a bit  ‘ruff’ for her taste , but Chloe soon warms to Papi as he is such a fun pooch.

Disaster strikes ! Chloe gets kidnapped in Mexico when on holiday with her minder, after her owner jets off on business to Europe. The kidnappers are a dog fighting team. Fortunately for Chloe an Alsation comes to the rescue and they both manage to escape, but their problems are not over as Diablo a doberman is after them, sent by the dog fighting team.

This is a very cute and funny film and the acting is superb, (the human actors are pretty good as well) . I particularly like the part where a tribe of Chihuahuas living in the desert are keen to prove that there is more to their breed than the traditional lapdog image would imply. This is also the scene where Chloe finds her 'Woof' but I won’t give  anymore away.

I give this film 5 Woofs out of 5 Woofs

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

K9 Events

K9 Tenerife events

27th March from 2.00pm - K9 Song and Dance afternoon at Vivo

10th April Tea and Cake afternoon - James Brasserie from 2.00pm

11th April Sponsored Walk - Alcala to Playa San Juan

24th April Open day at kennels from 2.00pm

..............and remember if you are going to any of the k9 events bring some dog food with you the pooches would sure appreciate it.

Kennels - 667 638 468

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PIF has gone missing, have you seen this dog..!

Dog went missing on the 4th of March, in Adeje, San Eugenio area close to Molino Blanco Bar. The dog is called PIF 5 years old! PLEASE if found call Natasha on 605557507 for reward. Dog (maltese bison white) has a blue collar with swarowsky crystalls and letters "I love you" . PIF has a micro-chip
Perro  se pierde el 4 de marzo, Adeje, San Eugenio. denominado PIF!  Por favor llame al  605557507 si se encuentra por la recompensa. Perro (maltese bichon)  sin corte de pelo, y tenía un collar  azul con crystals Swarowsky y las letras "Te amo".

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Monday, March 7, 2011

K9 Easter Sunday Open Day

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dog Heroes

'Dog Heroes' are Friends for Life finalists - click to find out more

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

K9 Calendar March Puppy..!

March Pup ' Elvin' 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Accion-del-sol News

Press release by Karen Clack

Another busy week at Accion Del Sol, this week we welcomed " Association Orobal" which was formed in 1989 by a group of families of physically and mentally disabled children and adults, which is based in the south of Tenerife, Los Cristianos, Arona. The day was a great success, its amazing the link up between the dogs and students. The dogs loved all the extra attention which was in abundance from there new visitors.

Our next big event will be on the 10th of April commencing at 2pm, this will be our spring day which includes a fashion show and auction, we still need a few more models of all shapes and sizes, please contact the refuge on 922778630 if you would like to volunteer. The fashion show will also include beach wear. There will be a bouncy castle, a clown to keep the children amused, lots of small animals for the children to play with . The dog agility course will be open for those that would like to practise with there dog. There will be lots of side stalls , entertainment , food and beverages. More info to follow shortly but definitely a date for your diary.

Marion always welcomes people that would like to come to the refuge to walk the dogs, the refuge is open mon- fri 3-6 pm so if you have a little bit of spare time then please come and make a dog or two very happy , the area surrounding the refuge is great for walking and the dogs love a dip in the sea. Marion is also looking for people to escort a dog with them when they travel to Germany, again if you can help then please contact the above number.

Marion has been working very hard on the rehoming programme , last weekend another 8 dogs flew to Germany to start there new lives. If you are thinking of having a dog then please do come and visit Accion Del Sol and the many dogs in there care. Every dog has received full veterinary care, passported and microchipped, wormed, deflead, and most importantly sterilised or castrated and is ready to find a loving new home.

Accion Del Sol is situated at Exit 52 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the Eolica windmill park ar Poligono Industrial De Granadilla. Please do come and visit this first class refuge where the dogs care is second to none.

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