Monday, May 3, 2010

Poochie Pet Hotel would like to Thank....

Poochies pet hotel would like to say a big thank you to march’s new adopted dog owners
Who are
Leah and Andy with Jess
Frank and Annette with Raffa
Carolyn with Sam
Laura and Joe with Blacky  
        Viv with Bruno
        Gemma and Danny with Sunny
        Jose and Anna with Sharon
Blacky one of the dogs who has been rehomed

We would also like to thank the following people for their very generous donations which enabled us to castrate microchip and rehome over 30 dogs already this year.

Hospivet Sur, Las Chafiras
Karen clack
Doreen Mc Cinery
Dave O Hara
AWF (Atlantic Whale Foundation)
Will and Jacqueline

A great big thank you to Nikki Attree as more than half of these owners have found their new dogs with her help from her website  here you can view the dogs we have for adoption and also on Poochies Pet Hotel facebook page.

If your circumstances change and you have to rehome your dog we are more than willing to help you but please give us as much notice as possible. The more notice you give us the less stress for your dog and a better chance of finding a new home,
Rather than putting your dog in an over crowded and under funded refuge.

If anybody could help us out with any unwanted travel boxes we have a lot of dogs that will be grateful.

For more information about boarding your dog at poochies please call 661099365 or email

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