Monday, April 30, 2012

If only this would happen in Tenerife !

A Pet store in Chicago sold its last puppy in Jan 2012 and instead only houses and adopts out rescue dogs and cats. The owner of the pet shop says his business is booming and of course more rescue dogs and cats have been found homes, the animals come from a high-kill shelter in Chicago..

What a Wooftastic idea!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A denuncia is made on a neighbor who trapped a dog in a cave

Protection Animal welfare organisation in Gomera  reported that employees of the protective and Civil Guard officers have rescued a dog that was sprayed with poison and left trapped in a cave in the area of ​​La Hoya, in Valle Gran Rey. The owner of the dog has been identified by the Civil Guard,  and has been  charged with an alleged crime of animal abuse.The rescue took place thanks to the care of neighbors, who after hearing constant whining of a dog coming from a cliff, decided to inspect the area. 

Neighbors found  a cave walled up with stones and a large black dog, a German shepherd mix Rottweiler, was tied up with a rope and a strong odor of poison was present. The dog, about seven years old, had malnutrition and dehydration, lack of hair and muscle and burns on the eyelids, said Domiique Lecroc secretary of Animal protection Gomera .The dog was taken to the veterinarian to receive first aid and then taken to a dog hotel in Tenerife to  recover from the many injuries he suffered.

Protection Animal Gomera, who filed a complaint with the Civil Guard and the city of Valle Gran Rey, initially asked the cooperation of citizens to find out the identity of the owner of the animal. Shortly after it  the person who allegedly trapped the dog in the cave was called to testify 30th April Monday in the police station. 

The protection Civil  reported that so far this year there have been many more strays animals in La Gomera , and a considerable increase in acts of cruelty...examples of which are puppies dumped in trash bins and seven cases of dogs being thrown from moving cars of which only two were saved.

Information taken from Diaro De Las PalmasFriday 27th April

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Timbuktu written by Paul Auster

A book I recommend Timbuktu written by Paul Auster. It's about a life of a dog and his owner. Mr Bones ( the mutt) is struggling to come to terms with his owner (Willy) who is homeless and dying. Mr Bones is worried that he won't meet up with Willy in Timbuktu (heaven) and that he won't therefore see his owner again. Not a very happy book but everything that Paul Auster writes is beautiful and thought provoking. It's a tale of human and canine bond/ love and finding purpose in one's life.
Here's a paragraph from the book ..."If Mr Bones had belonged to some recognizable breed, he might have stood a chance in the daily beauty contests for prospective owners, but Willy's sidekick was a hodgepodge of genetic strains-part collie, part labrador, part spanial. part canine one was going to rescue him. as the homeless bard was fond of putting it, the outcome was written in stone, unless Mr Bones found another master in one quick hurry, he was a pooch primed for oblivion"

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prickles needs a home

Can someone give Prickles a home he is such a cutie. He is a mixed terrier 3 to 4 months old - a little bit of mix in a pooch is not a bad thing, talking from one who knows . Anyhow if you would like to find out more about Prickles ring K9 Tenerife on 663 847 545.

If this chap has already found a home there are plenty of other pooches at K9 which are waiting to be taken to a loving  home :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Wooftastic Dog events !

Accion-del-sol -  Walking to the peak of Teide for the Dog sanctuary Aktion Tier. There is no date yet, until number of people interested in doing event is known Join the events page here on facebook if you would like to enter.

K9 Tenerife -  and Skateworld are holding another fun evening of 'Disco Roller Skating'
Sunday 29th April, 6pm  Skateworld, Adeje, behind Lidl
Fun for all the family and ages, come along and feel like a kid again.
A donation from every entry will be given to K9, also a raffle will be held.
Sure to be a fun night don't miss it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K9 Dog blankets for sale

Cosy dog blankets for sale just what your pooch needs ! :) 
Available in brown 72x60cm €5, purple 80x47cm €4, green 77x47cm €4 - Ring k9 on 608 121 081

Friday, April 13, 2012

First case of animal abuse that has been brought to the courts in the Canaries.

The first case of animal abuse that has been brought to the courts in the Canaries, took place today in Santa Cruz , Tenerife.

Addanca which is an animal welfare organisation are behind the case of an 80 year old man who has been accused of abuse to a dog. Vela a female German Shephard suffered starvation, beatings and scars from abrasive liquid.

This will be landmark mark case for animal abuse in the canaries if it succeeds .

For more information diariodeavisos and here and join Addanca on their facebook page


Good luck Vela  !

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dog Events and Requests for help!

Canaries Adopta- First Charity Event ! - 26th May from 1.00pm in Maspalomas (next to the football field Aqualand.Admission is 10 euros per person. Children under 10 free. Drinks not included. There will be food, children's workshops, karaoke, raffles, surprises and good company. How to get your ticket? Send canarias adopta a  email!
Or you can go to the following locations: 

- Pet World. C /. The Roque, 104 left. (Telde)- The Mine Pet Shop. C /. Quintana Manuel Pestana, s / n Corner C / Isla Margarita. (The Board of Maspalomas)- Veterinary Clinic Maspalomas. Avenida de Gáldar, 50 (San Fernando de Maspalomas)- MAMÁYALOSABE. C /. Gourié Francisco, 53 (Las Palmas - Triana area)- Animal Veterinary Clinic Zone C /. Güimar, 28 (Doctoral)  Facebook
San Francisco de los Animales - Urgently need tiles for construction of 12 kennels. 
If you can help please phone Jill on 616 747 284

K9 - Wool needed to make blankets - Phone Hazel on 608 121 081

All the shelters need volunteers to walk the dogs, work in their charity shops etc - contacts can be found on the side of this blog  muchas gracias and woof woof :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Luna lost her owners in a tragic accident

Luna recently lost her owners after a tragic accident, and needs to find another loving home. Luna is about three years old, a very good doggie listens to commands and is house trained. Unfortunately she cannot stay with her present foster carers for long , as they have two dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Luna, please telephone 0034 60 80 41 802. Luna is currently staying in the South of Tenerife. 

If anybody in the UK is reading this, the laws in England concerning transporting animals from outside of Britain (European countries) have now been relaxed and it is much easier to fly a dog to the Britain. So if you like the look of this pooch, I am sure she would love running around in the fields in the UK.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

San Francisco de los Animales


San Francisco de los Animales urgently need tiles for construction of 12 kennels. 

If you can help please phone Jill on 616 747 284

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wooftastic Doggie Events !

Live Arico - Comedy Night - On Friday the 6th April from 9.30 The Brewers Droop on the Patch, Las Americas will be holding a comedy night in aid of Live Arico. Its looking to be a popular one so be early. Featuring The Crazy World of Avril Taylor, Antony Scott, the Chubby Brown show and Steve Salter, with a charity raffle for our doggies.

Accion-Del-Sol - Sunday 8th April - from 11am  Spring Event - Obstacle races, races with Easter eggs and lots more fun for the family, please contact Accion Del Sol for more information. Tel. 922778630
Facebook Page

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Xuxu and Bocka need your help !

Xuxu and Bocka have been in Live Arico for over  three years they desperately need a home.

Recently Xuxu and Bocka have been taken to be fostered by the nice people ( Alison and Mark) at Poochie Hotel, what wooftastic humans !. The dogs came to Live Arico together ,are great pals and cannot be separated.

If anyone would like to adopt these pooches or if you would like to donate for their flight to UK were a foster home and eventually a permanent home can be found -
 Email for donations or phone Alison or Mark on 661099365 if you are interested in adopting this doggies.

Three years in a refuge is far too long for any doggie to spend his life !