Wednesday, March 31, 2010

K9 Tenerife and sending dogs to Germany

Of the 249 dogs who left the kennels last year, 63 (25%) were sent to Germany. Some of these dogs had a new home destined for them, but the majority went to foster carers to await a permanent home. Most of these transfers are arranged by our colleagues at San Francisco de los Animales who have built up links with Germany over the years. On average it will cost €500 to send a dog from Tenerife to the UK. The german airline companies are prepared to take a dog as an ‘excess luggage charge’ and for a small dog this can be as low as just €35. Obviously in these cases the dog has to be accompanied by a passenger and K9 are indebted to San Francisco for their assistance in finding these willing ‘host’ passengers.

Read here about three dogs who were sent to Germany

Written by Mikey k9
K9 Tenerife  667 638 468. 
k9 website

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What To Do If You Find An Abandoned Dog

Breaking News
Aktiontier are on Spanish TV Tonight Channel Dia  7.30pm make sure you tune in..!
What to do if somebody finds an abandoned dog?
                      Call the local Police immediately
                      Communities like Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, Guía de Isora and Arona have now their own special collecting services called "Protección civil". They have equipment and the authority to catch the animals.
                      Protección civil has to find out if the stray animal has got an identification number (owner) or not.
                      Only Protección civil has the authority to take the animal to an animal shelter who belongs to the area
                      The animals have to be transported in a special transportation box
                      It’s on one’s own responsibility to pick up a dog or a cat from the street.
                      Each community has to take care of the abandoned animals according to the law.
      What do they do with the dogs afterwards? For example en “Aktion tier”, Granadilla:
·        Dogs get registered
·        Dogs get bathed and cleaned
·        Dogs get fed
·        Dogs get vaccinations, identify chips, passports and castrated
·        Heartworm test has to be done
·        Introducing  the dog to the kennel and his bed
·        We must try to place the dog with the right group of dog companions so that he feels safe and calm.
What does a refuge like “Acción del Sol” mostly need?
·        Good staff with a lot of energy
·        Help from volunteers
·        Help from the press and….
·        Donations generally
·        Material donations for example:  Towels and sheets and…
·        Toys, balls and…
·        Leads and dog-collars
·        Serious new owners with enough time and space for the animals.
·        Volunteer passengers to accompany dogs to Germany
·        Volunteers to walk the dogs
·        Members

Written by Marion Gonzalez Director of AktionTier Tenerife
see link to find out more about AktionTier

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dogs in Art

Some culture today, check out this video.

Dogs in Art - 5,000 years of dogs in art. Inspired by Philip Scott Johnson's Women in Art film.

Nikki has some dog art also on her website 

Dogs in Art by Moira McLaughlin.

Check out this wooftastic doggy art blog 

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doggy Dude and Cool Cat

Check out this doggy dude and cool cat, not so sure the cat is enjoying himself that much though..!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

k9 News

At the invitation Of Mick & Joan, K9 celebrated St. Patrick's day at Paddy McGintiy's Bar in Callao Salvaje. We were all royally entertained by Old Dog New Tricks, Didi, Stevie D, Hugo, Dave & Elaine plus guest artists PC Dave and Dan the Man.
The audience celebrated and danced the afternoon and early evening in typical irish style  with the help of the attentive staff, Arian, Caroline, Edna, Mary and Paul.
K9 held a raffle and Tombola to raise much needed funds and would like to thank Mick & Joan for inviting them to help celebrate. The total amount raised was €231 which will help us to look after the 80 dogs and 20 cats in the kennels.
Many thanks for all your help.
Mikey k9

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking Barking News
Press release.......

A year ago Nikki Attree started tenerifedogs blog to help support Tenerife's hardworking rescue shelters. The mix of local news and entertaining dog stories from around the world has proved very successful, regularly getting thousands of visits. Building on this success, she's just started a website which works alongside the blog to encourage more people to adopt abandoned dogs and help them find their perfect pooch.

At present some of the rescue centres keep lists of their dogs and some don't, but there is no straight-forward way to search online for a dog to re-home, and perhaps get some basic information and advice about how to go about adopting.

The new site - has a find-a-dog list with a selection of dogs that are looking for a home, along with some success stories, and pages of useful information in the form of FAQ's, articles, and links.

So please visit and bookmark ... but be warned - once you take a look at the cute doggies on the website, you may well find one that leaps off the screen and tugs at your heart-strings and before you know it you might have a new friend sharing your home ! :-)

ps contact Nikki by e-mail at if you would like to have a dog included on the find-a-dog list and she'd also love to hear from you if you've adopted a dog and would be willing to share your story on her success stories page.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Missing Dog Called Casey.....

This pooch has gone missing from the Flicks Bar in Tenerife have you seen this dog. She answers to the name of Casey. Unfortunately has no collar. 

This is the area where Casey went missing in Costa Silenco.

Please ring Karen on 922786248 or 637274088 ....


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

'Dog wash' machine

Oh no you are not getting me into one of these contraptions ! A dog wash machine are they kidding. Looks like torture to me, the poodle in the video looks traumatised poor pooch.

Check out for yourselves here on the BBC website 

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

k9 News

K9 Tenerife & Friends of the Animals News    Mar 14th

Car Boot Sales – K9
K9 Sales are held on the first Sunday of each month at Happy Days Bowls & Tennis Club, Garanana, Costa del Silencio from 8am until midday.  Stalls €6 each.
Enquiries from Pat the Cat on 608 121 081
Next one’s are on 4th April and 2nd May.
K9 also hold a Sale on the second Saturday of each month outside Shimmers Bar in
Callao Salvaje from 10.30 am until 1pm.  Enquiries from Pat the Cat as above.
Next one’s are 10th April and 8th May.

Car Boot Sales – Friends of the Animals Sales are held on the last Sunday of each month
at the Sports Centre, Los Gigantes from 9am until midday. Info from Pat the Cat.

Playa San Juan & Alcala Markets.
K9 and Friends of the Animals have stalls here each Wednesday & Sunday from
9am until 2pm.

Adeje Sunday Evening Market.
K9  have a Good as New stall here each Sunday. It is open from 4pm to 8pm and is situated not far from Mercadona in Adeje at the Ika Centre. Susan on 922 710675 for more info.

What you can do…
In our organisation time is a big factor and we are always in need of people who can give some of their time to us, as there are never enough people to get the tasks done. If you are able to help with any of the following tasks please contact the relevant people. THANK YOU.

We are in need of good quality bric a brac and other suitable car boot items. These can be delivered directly to the kennels during opening hours. Open every day from 10.30am till 1.30pm, or if you need the items to be collected then please call Pat on 608121081 or Kenny on 627096518 to arrange collection. (No large furniture items please). We also need volunteers to help at the car boot sales and other fundraising events that take place, please call Pat.

The dogs like to be taken out of the kennels for a change, so we are always happy when dog walkers turn up. You are always welcome at the kennels any day from 9.30am till 1.30pm. Please have sensible footwear and a drink. Respect the advice given about each individual dog.

If anyone is interested in assisting primarily with our cats, we do need help with trapping and neutering as required, or help on a morning from 9am at the Kennel Cattery. Tel 667638468.

Occasionally we need foster parents for a dog or a cat. They may need special care or just TLC due to illness, broken bones, or some other reason. If you would be interested in fostering please contact the kennels on 667638468.

We are forever on the lookout for new fundraising ideas; if you would like to arrange a fundraising event on our behalf, or have any ideas, please contact any of the numbers below.

Forthcoming Events to note.
Sat 10th April at Starlights Cabaret Bar, Silencio. A Night at the Races. 8pm till late. Free Entry & Hot Supper for €3. Lots of fun to be had whilst raising monies for the animals.
Tues 11th May at Starlights Cabaret Bar. All Star Entertainment from 8pm. More info later.
Saturday’s in May. 5pm till 8pm. Wine & Food Tasting sessions. Groups of 4 to 8 required.
€10 a head. At San Miguel. More info from Hazel at the kennels. (6 wines sampled) Hic
Fri 10th December. K9 Christmas Dinner/Fundraiser. Make a note in your diary for now please.

Due primarily to the ‘credit crunch’ K9 and other refuges are feeling the effects of more cats and dogs needing to be re-homed. Please think carefully before taking on a pet – dogs and cats need to have their injections up to date, six months prior to leaving Tenerife. It is also very expensive to take them back to the UK. If our kennels are full please contact the police (Tel 112) in the district you reside (as a last resort).

The K9 Officers & Committee are grateful for the continued support to our abandoned animals from the general public in these very difficult times financially.

Any Bar that has a Red K9 Collection Box, if it is more than half full, will you please contact the name on the box or Pat the Cat on 608121081 to arrange collection. Thanks.

People often ring to ask “Where are your kennels”.  They are at Las Chafiras on the San Miguel side of the motorway. Follow the San Miguel road for 400 metres, you will see the First Impressions Building on your right hand side. After a further 300 metres you will see a road off to the right. Continue on this road for approx a mile. The kennels are on the right on a bend. Car parking opposite the entrance.

Useful contacts.
Kennels 667 638 468.
Pat the Cat 608 121 081
Spanish only 667 638 468 Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm.
Spanish only 670 841 925 Evenings & Weekends.
Publicity only 922 752415


No newspapers required at the kennels until further notice. Many thanks.

Press release written by Mike Braithwaite K9

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adopt a Dog

Here is a video of a selection of Dogs who need to find loving homes. For more information about these dogs go to

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Monday, March 15, 2010

AktionTier Video

Here is a short video about Aktiontier and the charity walk event they had last year.

Another event to raise money is coming up next month on the 11th of April with lots of fun things happening - Miss and Mr Perro 2010 and a swimsuit fashion show plus other attractions. So put the date in your diary..! click here to find out more

Here's a link for directions to Aktiontier and tel phone number - click here

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Todd needs a home quickly

Todd is four and half years old and very placid. Unfortunately he was badly beated in his past and had to have a hip replacement and has arthritis, his current carer has taken good care of him so he is able to function normally ie go for walks etc, but does suffer when he tries to climb on sofas etc. Todd is happy around cats.
There is some urgency that this pooch finds a home quickly as his current carer has to go back to the UK at the end of this month and Todd cannot go with him as the vet has said Todd would suffer badly n the UK as he suffers from arthritis.
If you are interested in adopting Todd ring Gareth on.....
Tel: 618579422
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Website

Its been almost a year since I started the Tenerife dogs blog. So to build on the success of the blog, I have decided now to have a website to work alongside the blog to try an encourage more people to adopt abandoned dogs. The site has a find a dog list with a selection of dogs from the rescue shelters etc.

Tenerife will also  include stories of people who have successfully adopted dogs,FAQs, links and dogs articles.

So please bookmark this site Tenerife

Email me if you would like to have a dog included on the find a dog list and please send me any success stories.


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Four Pups and their Mum need Loving Homes

Here are 4 pups 2 female and 2 male and their mum who also needs a home. The pups will be large dogs. They will make good guard dogs barking when needed, but quite happy dogs. Would be better suited to being outside.Help can be given with theIr intial vet bills.

Phone Karen if you are interested in adopting any of these dogs - Tel: 687905511

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walkies with the K9 rescue dogs

Last Sunday I went up to K9 to take a few dogs for a walk here's the video - K9 welcome volunteers to come up and walk the dogs. If you can come up during the week that would be great though of course you are also welcome at the weekends.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Health and the Older Dog

I am getting on a bit going to be 12 years old soon. I am now having a few problems with my bladder and can't jump quite as high as I used to, etc.  So I asked Steph who is a veterinary nurse to write a piece about the older pooch for Tenerife dogs, here is Steph's article.....

I was also looking at my Ellie who is now 5 and thinking to myself that next year she will be encroaching into “older dog category”, so I thought I would do a little piece on caring for your dog as it reaches its later years, their needs and how to get the most out of life with him or her.

Interact as much as possible with, for the sake of argument, him. Dogs need us, they are not like cats, they don’t relish just being left alone or watching the world go by all day. They need mental and physical stimulation from us. It can be an easy rut to get into where they end up becoming bored with life and then, eventually, just not bothering to do things that another dog of their age, perhaps, would be doing.

Stroke them, adore them, talk to them, share your time with them. A lot of us are busy people who work all day but that doesn’t mean you cant really indulge in the free time you have outside of these hours. After all, your dog is not an ornament to be looked at, it is your friend, your companion, your dependant. By keeping your dogs mind young and active he, in turn, will remain as young and active as is possible for him.

Boredom can bring about problems as well such as hair pulling, licking and gnawing. These can then develop into ACTUAL problems with eventually need veterinary treatment such as raw skin.

Sadly another issue which most older dogs come to at the later years is a more pressing urge for urination. Its almost like going back to puppy years as you will need to be on call to whip them out for the odd pee here and there every couple of hours or so. It can be difficult in Tenerife as a lot of people have just balconies or terraces, but if you, for whatever reason, cannot let them go on this you MUST give them access to the outdoors. It can become dangerous to them otherwise. They can develop problems such as a Urinary Tract Infection. This is a build up of bacteria which, as I say, can be caused by not letting them urinate frequently enough. To prevent such problems, take them out to pee frequently and ensure they are drinking enough. Also make sure they are kept clean.

Make sure you have taken them out just before bed, last thing at night pees are very important – if you look at elderly people, they are often unable to hold it through the night and have to get up to relieve themselves. Incontinence can occur as they get older as well so by making sure he can go as often as he needs, you will make dribbles less regular .

Older dogs, especially of certain breeds, can be prone to Arthritis and stiffness. Luckily we live in a hot place so this will be significantly improved as opposed to, say, England. However it never hurts to help it a little more. We are surrounded by water and there is nothing better for a dog with bad joints than to swim or even just wade in water. It acts as a support and aids your dogs movement. 

Obviously some dogs just hate water but perhaps you could slowly introduce it to them. I did this with my rescue Dobie. He went charging into the sea on his first visit to the beach and didn’t realise that the sea wasn’t ground. Before he knew it he was up to his neck and wondering what the hell happened to the floor. This put him off for a while but with a little slow encouragement he began to venture back in again.

Hydrotherapy is a great therapy for dogs though and it can make massive differences to a dogs quality of life. It is a catch 22 as although you don’t want the dog to overdo it when suffering from bad joints, the worst thing is for the dog to remain motionless or be carried everywhere.

The great thing about this island is there is a beach pretty close to us regardless of where we are. I know a lot of them are “no dogs allowed” now, but I have frequently gone down in the evening when no one is about and it is just getting dark. Or else suss out little coves, there's loads of them about. Then, of course, there is El Medano. It will be good for you too. Time bonding with your dog, gets you out of the house and your dog is benefiting from the water therapy.

Groom your dog. You would be surprise how many people think that their dog does not need to be brushed or combed except for when they see the dog groomer. Long haired, short haired, thick coats….they all need regular grooming. Every day or couple of days. Dogs naturally lose dead hair and by combing it you are removing it from the coat and preventing build up.

As they get older their coats can become tired, greasy, dry, flaky. By keeping on top of it you can make them look their best, plus it is a great way to bond with your dog. While you are sat in front of the TV in the evening, rake a comb through their fur and enjoy each others company.

Also, in long haired dogs, ensure that their back ends are clean. As dogs get older they don’t clean as much and, if they are slightly incontinent, they will begin to smell down there. So keep it trimmed or washed as often as you can. Not only for the smell but for hygiene and illness prevention purposes.

Your dog is your best mate and won't always be the cute puppy, or bounding teenage that he once was. But this is no reason to give up as soon as they reach middle or old age. By doing the simple things as above, you are able to keep them young. They are relatively simple creatures and human interaction is what they relish. Its what makes them into the loving, sociable friends that they are.

Thanks very much Steph for writing this article, some important points have been raised. If anybody would like to leave comments please do so.

Here is a link to Stephs website she is available for dog sitting, grooming and dog training and see here and here

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