Thursday, May 30, 2013

Advice about grieving dogs

I have been asked by one of my facebook amigas, Jill  if there is any advice I can give her about her grieving dog.

Her pooch Andy, will not eat properly since his best doggie pal Lakia died three weeks ago. Jill is concerned about Andy as he just does not want to eat, and is still very depressed even though he is on doggie anti-depressants. Jill is looking for another lady dog from a rescue shelter in the hope that will cheer Andy up. Lakia the doggy that recently dies and Andy were both from rescue shelters in Tenerife.

Many of you who read this blog are  expert doggie owners and some of you have been on training courses in dog behaviourism.  If you have any advice/experience you can share that would be much  appreciated :) please leave comments muchas gracias

 I have suggested that Jill take Andy to a dog training class to meet other doggies and bring some food along to give to him as treats.

Here are some suggestions from some of my facebook amigos.

Steph Tufft Very sad. Would suggest (if she hasnt already) trying the most tasty, tempting food possible - good health can go out of the window for the mo, he needs to be enticed to eat. Does Andly get left alone at all for work reasons etc? If so can someone come in and see/walk/play with him? Can she socialise him with ther dogs - go on group walks and encourage him to participate? Hope he is ok. Such a shame 
Steve Felton  Lots & Lots of love and cuddles and a cuddly toy to snuggle up to, it's very hard I went through this with two Old English Sheep Dogs back in 1989, just think how you would feel yourself and give lots of care and attention to the one who is greaving, I wish you all the best and sorry to here about your loss xx
Chantal - I think the biggest mistake I made when DeeDee died was not bring her home and let Meg see her.. So I went with DeeDee to the vet and came empty handed back.. So Meg was looking for a long long time for DeeDee.. From that point on I said to myself when one dog dies I am showing it to the other k9 family members..
Olwyn Venables I don't have dogs anymore just cats but cats do grieve too.'Mum' cat was 20 years old and son was 16 and mum died at home.We dug her grave and son watched us bury her.It was pouring with rain,he sat on the wall by her grave for days and then one day he shook himself,came into the house and it was over.So the other family dogs should be shown the body.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday 2nd June Aktion Tier Accion Fiesta

Don't forget this Sunday 2nd June Aktion Tier Accion are having their summer party. Sounds Wooftastic to me! Agility and swiming pools for the doggies. Plus a raffle and your chance to win my recently published book 'Nobody's Poodle' plus a mouse matt and mug!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wooftasic ! Nobody's Poodle is now available...

Finally ! Nobody’s Poodle paper-back is now available from and The e-book will also soon be available.

Nobody’s Poodle is a wooftastic ‘tail’ about a loveable ex-pat pooch uprooted from his home in cold, damp, muddy old England to start a new life in Tenerife – a Spanish holiday island, located off the coast of Africa.

He writes, from a canine point of view of course, about settling down in a new country, coping with the cultural differences, and learning the language (although woof-speak is universal, mas o menos, there are still some differences which need to be understood, otherwise a dog can have muchos problemas with his furry Latin amigos).

The ex-pat / travel genre has been popularised by some very successful books, but until now man’s-best-friends’ take on it has been little explored. We’re familiar with “Driving over Lemons”, but there hasn’t been a ”Bouncing over Bones”. Most of Tenerife’s ex-pat Brits know and love Joe Cawley’s “More Ketchup than Salsa”, but we’ve all been waiting for ”More Saliva than Salsa”.
Nobody’s Poodle is much more than an ex-pat diary though. It’s a gripping story, with a plot that is the mutt’s nuts. Our intrepid hero: Gizmo may be more street Doodle than swanky Poodle, but he’s very much his own dog. He’s all about standing up for the underdog, and it gets him into a fair few scrapes on the mean streets of Costa del Scorchio.

He’s also something of a canine philosopher, and along the way you’ll be learning a lot about their universe …

Nobody’s Poodle Facebook page has now almost 4,000 likes, to check out the page click on this link

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gizmo's Birthday

It's my Birthday today I am three years old , about 21 in human years.
It's been a tough year with one thing and another. Having an operation to remove a bladder stone, then being bitten and almost losing a leg, but I am obviously a strong pooch and have come through it all looking as gorgeous as ever, and of course I am one of the lucky rescue dogs as I found a fur-ever home with humans who love me and who have enough money to pay the vet bills !