Monday, May 24, 2010

Agility Training run by Karen Clack

Get your athletic paws on and get down to Aktiontier for some agility training, you need to be in tip top shape for the agility competition on the 20th of June at Aktiontier's Summer party, and remember to bring a human !  I won't be able to attend the training session as I am getting on a bit, but the younger pups amongst you, have no excuse...!

Directions to Aktiontier
On the TF1 going north from the airport towards Santa Cruz take the turning off for the Granadilla Industrial Port, exit A. Head towards the sea and windmills go straight across one roundabout when you reach the next roundabout veer right up towards the Ecological centre. You will stop and see a hut ( you can't go any further as their will be barrier and somebody outside the hut) Aktiontier is up a track on your right about a 100 metres...

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