Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Podencos need your help vote please mis amigos !

Centro de Protección Animal Tierra Blanca. in Tenerife have a chance of winning 5,000 euros, via the organisation/charity Stichting Podencoworld if they win this contest 76 podencos will have much needed filaria (heart worm) treatments.

All that is needed is your vote, no donation just a few seconds of your time.

When you press on the link it's in Dutch but follow the instruction below and you will have no problem :)

1. Click on this link:
2. Put your name in the first space
3. Your email in the second space
4. In the next space your will see Stiching Podencoworld
5. type in the security code
6. Click on “STEMMEN” (vote)
7. Please don’t forget to confirm your vote by clicking on the link sent to the email address you gave.

Filaria is a very nasty and painful condition so this medicine is very much needed !

Muchas gracias,Thank you, Danke, Merci 

Remember to PLEASE COFIRM VOTE as otherwise vote is not counted as being genuine