Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gizmo's round up of the Year 2012

It has not been a great year for yours truly I had a kidney stone which was obstructing my pee pee tube and I had to have surgery to remove the stone.
Then a few weeks later a dog decided to take a big chunk out of my leg which resulted in 6 trips to the vets and going under anaesthetic each time. Fortunately I am a young pooch and my heart is strong so I was able to withstand the sedation.

Once my leg was well on its way to be healed, Nikki then found a lump on my back so back to the vet again. The lump fortunately was nothing serious , but you can imagine Nikki and Richard were getting really exhausted with worry and strain. Just to finish my list of medical problems I had an ear infection which Nikki spotted as she thought my ears were really hot, so yet another trip to the vet !

I am just hoping that though I really think the guys at Centro El Madronal and El Medano clinic are really wooftastic and I can't praise them enough for helping me. I am hoping that I don't need to see so much of them in the new year. There is soo much inserting of a thermometer up the butt  that a dog can tolerate !

Anyhow enough about me, on to the big news in the Tenerife dog rescue world this year. The  new refuge at Fasnia 'Tierra Blanca" officially opened last week it took a while to complete, but is now from looking at the photos and hearing positive feedback from people who have visited,  a clean and safe shelter for the doggies. What a great Christmas present for the stray dogs.

Of course it would be great if no refuges were needed and people took more responsibility for their furry friends , but it's a not a perfect world and so refuges are unfortunately necessary.

More very important  news was the first case of animal abuse being brought to the courts  in the Canaries, and which took place in Santa Cruz , Tenerife.  The 80 year old man who maltreated the German shephard by half starving her to death, beating her brutally, and pouring abrasive liquid on to her coat - was sent to prison for three months and compensation of around 6,000 euros was awarded.

Addanca helped to bring this case to court and looked after Vela through her recovery.
This was a landmark case for animal abuse in the Canaries and hopefully will start changing the views of what is NOT acceptable treatment of animals..!

The director of Accion-del-sol Marion continued to visit schools this year with her educational program which is a fantastic project which teaches the young humans about pet responsibility . I contributed to this project by being photographed for the posters which told my story of how I was rescued from the streets and gave advice on how to care for dogs.

It hasn't been easy this year for any of the dog rescue refuges in Tenerife. Due to the crisis more people are abandoning their dogs and less people are adopting dogs but the refuges are still battling on doggedly :)

If anyone would like to help the stray dogs of Tenerife by making a donation or volunteering your time please check out this link for the list of refuges .

Have a Wooftastic New Year mis amigos..!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tips for Christmas to keep your doggie safe

Here are some tips for xmas to keep your pooch safe.

Note down the telephone number of a vet which is open in the holiday season. Hopefully you will not need the vets services but it's always best to be prepared !

Make sure you keep your tree lights away from your dog's reach or your pooch might want to investigate and have a chew through the electrical cord. It's not much fun for your pooch having a few hundred volts of electricity shooting through his tail and it really plays havoc with his  fur-cut !

The dangly decorations on the tree are also quite attractive for doggies an accident might occur if your pooch, for example tries to reach up to a xmas bauble and topples the tree over.
Decorations also tend to look better on the tree rather than your furry friend wearing them around the house.

Mistletoe, pot pourrie and poinsettias are toxic so please keep out of your dogs reach and seek immediate vet advice if you think your dog has swallowed any of these plants.

Spray snow - check your dog isn't interested in licking it, as of course spray snow is a chemical and so can be poisonous

Candles - make sure your dog's waggy tail is out of the way of a lightened candle.

Chocolate is a definite big NO NO as it contains a chemical called Theobromine and is actually poisonous to dogs.

Grapes, raisins and sultanas should not be fed to your dog, these are now known to be toxic to dogs and can cause poisoning. Other foods liquorice, avocados, onions and some nuts can also cause problems.

Being safety conscious will ensure a fun xmas with your furry friend -

....and Merry Christmas mis amigas and amigos and a big wooftastic thanks to all the wonderful humans working in the dog rescue shelters and to the foster carers and anyone who has adopted a rescue pooch this year :) xx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doggies for adoption...

Patch was found in a rubbish bin at 12 weeks  - She is now 7 months old and very cuddly and loving - contact Ana on 628673517 if you would like to adopt Patch.

A sweet Cocker spaniel was brought into Accion-Del-Sol today in a very bad condition but will soon be looking for a loving new home, please call 922778630 for more information.

Kiara is 7 years old vaccinated and chipped. Owners are going back to the UK and can't take her with them. She is very loving. Please contact Petsathome 666 28 22 75

Sadly Henry & Lilly's owner has passed away and these 2 Lhasa Apsos who are both 8 years old are looking for a home urgently. Please ring Ryan on: 685 799 450. for more information

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Handsome Boxer needs a home.

This handsome doggy needs a home . he is a sociable dog with adults, children and other doggies. if you would like more info about this dog please phone Christel on 66 6794 080 - muchas gracias :)

Please join Snr Giz on his facebook page

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Accion-Del-Sol Open Day 27th-28th Oct

Accion-Del-Sol open day 27th-28th Oct - Come and visit this refuge and if you have time take a pooch for a walk..

How to get to Accion-del-sol
On the TF1 going north from the airport towards Santa Cruz take the turning off for the Granadilla Industrial Port, exit A. Head towards the sea and windmills go straight across one roundabout when you reach the next roundabout veer right up towards the Ecological centre. You will stop and see a hut ( you can't go any further as their will be barrier and somebody outside the hut) Aktiontier is up a track on your right about a 100 metres...
Here is one of the many doggies that are available for adoption at accion-del-sol

Sunday, October 7, 2012

3rd Festival of Perros in El Medano

The third festival of perros was today in El Medano. I didn't go as I am still not well and anyhow I wanted to give the other doggies a chance of winning. 

Here are some photos from the show and pics of dogs from Accion-del-sol that need homes.

Please phone accion-del-sol on 922 778630 if you are interested in adopting this pooch

Please phone accion-del-sol on 922 778630 if you are interested in adopting this pooch

Please phone accion-del-sol on 922 778630 if you are interested in adopting this pooch

Please phone accion-del-sol on 922 778630 if you are interested in adopting this pooch

Thursday, October 4, 2012

As you are probably aware if you have been following my posts, I was bitten by two large dogs three weeks ago. I am slowly getting better, but I still have to wear something to stop me licking my wounds.

Well my new comfy collar arrived today, and I must say it's much better than the lampshade thingy I was wearing previously.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopting a pooch is a big responsibility

Adopting a pup or an adult dog  is a big responsibility as most of you reading this blog realize.

So if you intend to adopt from a  dog refuge or adopt from a foster carer don't be upset if they ask you questions about your life style ie, how much time do you have for a pooch are you able to take the dog out for his toilet and excercise on a regular basis through the day ( dogs ideally don't like to left alone for more than 5-6 hours a day without a pee pee also dogs can get bored and can become destructive when left by themselves).

Other considerations on dog ownership, will you be able to afford to give the right innoculations and pay for pet insurance or vet bills incase of an accident or illness ? How often do you go away and can you afford dog hotels or do you have a friend that can look after your dog ?

The rescue shelters are not being mean when they ask these questions, it's just they don't want to see the dog being returned after a couple of weeks or months because the new owners haven't thought through the implications of owning a dog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kenia a 8 month pup needs a home

This pup needs a home, could this cutie become part of your family ..?

Please email if you are interested in Kenia. Or if you are on facebook message Simona Garcia. Simona is kindly fostering Kenia.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

An update on my injury

An update on my injury. The stitches are annoying me and I have to wear a stoopid lamp shade all the time ! but hey I am alive and I am walking. Though limping a bit, but I should be walking properly once the muscle has grown back in my leg . 

Nikki is giving me physio and massage 4 times a day so I should be back on my normal walkies in a month or two if all goes well :)

As most of you have probably heard a tropical storm is approaching - and lots of rain is predicated, so  make sure your pets are safe and can't escape from your home, terrace etc, because rain and wind can be scary for dogs living in Tenerife as us pooches are just not used to this kind of weather !

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wooftastic 2013 Refugio Fasnia Calendar

Sponsors are need for the Wooftastic and very classy black and white 2013 Refugio Fasnia Calendar - For a small donation your business ( or even a private individual) can sponsor a month in the calendar with your logo, advertising copy.
All profits from the calendar will go towards the ongoing costs of feeding and caring for the dogs at Refugio Fasnia. The photographer is Brian Arrocha and here is a taster of his wonderful photos and how the calendar will look. 
This calendar will brighten up anybody's wall throughout 2013.
For more details contact Ana Isabel Rodriguez Perez tel: 628673517

Friday, September 14, 2012

Snr Gizmo bitten by two dogs.. !

Unfortunately last week I was bitten by two dogs , my wound is serious but I am slowly healing . I am unable to have stitches until the wound has grown skin and the vet is sure that all the infection has disappeared.

I would just like to say to all you pet owners its mucho important to have the emergency number of a vet in your mobile etc , that lives close by. If something unfortunate does happen to your pet the last thing you want to do is start looking up on the internet for the emergency number of a vet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please protect your dog from Heartworm in Tenerife..!

Here is an extract from someone who witnessed a dog dying from heartworm written by Janet Rosemary Dickenson.
 ............Unable to sleep after hearing Amanda describe Nibavos last moments as he was gasping for breath, and blood extruding from his mouth as he choked to death, obviously in excrutiating agony, his eyes staring at Amanda for help (she will never forget that look)
 I decided to put this warning out that heartworm is a KILLER if not treated ! All dogs here (and cats) are vulnerable to this infestation of the heart usually from a flea bite and I have heard from ticks also (some of you out there will know much more about it than me...........there will be pet owners out there who won´t). 
Always have your pets checked for heartworm, it can be treatable however BETTER STILL prevention is simple. Ask your Vet about this as there are many products available to protect your animals from this terrible, terrible disease. The worms multiply in the heart blocking the arteries causing pain and breathlessness, eventually as we saw with Nibavo, coughing and wheezing , collapsing with exhaustion and as you´ve read earlier a horrible death (I´m lost for words of how to describe it)!

Please, please when you have read this, if you are not aware of this condition find out more from your vet and protect your precious pets. Pets need  regular monthly drop
s/tablets or a yearly injection against heartworm in Tenerife

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Extract from "I woof therefore I am"

Us dogs have always had our own methods for tracking things down. You humans use your clunky old computers when you want to search for something. Y'all think you invented stuff like the Worldwide Web, Google, e-mails, social networking ... but what you don't realise is that us woofers have had this sort of stuff for ages. Not many people know this, but in fact we invented the idea of sharing information via a network (we called it the 'SmellNet'), along with on-line messaging ('SmellMail'), social networking ('SmellBook'), and wi-fi ('Wiffy').

When I leave the house for my walkies, the first thing I do is log-on (or 'sniff-on' as we call it) at the nearest lamp-post. There are other places to go online of course: trees, curbs, walls. They are the doggy equivalent of an internet cafe: public wiffy spots where you can sniff-on, check out your mates in smell-space (our equivalent of cyberspace), and just hang out, chill, and look cool.

Then I pick up my smell-mails, see what's been happening on SmellBook, and catch up with all the latest news and gossip. Who's dating who; how is Hugo, the 'babe magnet' Yorkie dude*, getting on with his prescription diet; and is Luna the Bulldog* still arguing with Speedy G the Jack Russell*, over ownership of a bone they buried three months ago. They've been locked in a protracted disagreement that's been dragging for ages, and will probably end up in court. Bone ownership rights are always tricky to settle in Canine law.

Anyway, so now I've sniffed-on and checked out what's been happening in local smell-space, I might add a comment or perhaps a 'like' by leaving a bit of pee on the lamp-post. Then I usually mosey on down to the wall near the rubbish bins. The wiffy signal is especially good there, and it gets a lot of 'hits', so it's always a good place to sniff-on and reach a big audience.

Anyway, that's how us dogs have been keeping in touch since the dawn of history, and it's only taken you humans a few millennia to catch up. You reckon you invented language, you like to to talk about the 'word of mouth', and for the past few decades you've had your internet to spread the word, but us dogs have been woofing and using the 'power of smell' to deliver messages since ... well, as I said, the dawn of canine history.

(* they're all doggy characters in the book, but you'll have to be patient for a bit longer to learn more about these wonderful woofers ... not long to wait now !)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Press releaseTierra Blanca

The Refugio Fasnia has been created to provide a shelter for the more than 400 dogs that were recently moved from Live Arico.

The Tenerife Cabildo has designated the Canarian Federation of Animal and Plant Protection Associations, FECAPAP, to manage the centre, which needs all the help it can get right now, either with monetary donations or in kind, as the current circumstances do not leave much room to cover all the costs.

The dogs moved up in droves to the refuge, where they will develop their social skills under the supervision of experienced workers, as well as receive food, veterinary care, exercise, hygienic conditions and above all, love.

In Refugio Fasnia all the animals have secure lives and futures, but their primary objective is to find adoptive parents, responsible people who can give them a second chance under strict monitoring by us.

We want to raise awareness against abuse and neglect … Our hope is that someday the Fasnia Shelter, like many others, will have no reason to exist. In the meantime, FECAPAP will handle these dogs, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them, and then they will try to home them.

They have no help from any administration, and ask all those who want to contribute financially to enter their most welcome donations exclusively in the following account:
CUENTA CAJACANARIAS-CAIXABANK:  2065 0107 62 1400050373

ES80 2065 0107 6214 0005 0373


Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you are interested in adopting this handsome pooch please call accion-del-sol on 922778630

Accion-del-sol - Centro de protección animal y medioambiental de Tenerife Poligono 
Industrial de Granadilla, Parque Eólico de ITER 38611 San Isidro 
Tenerife Tel.0034/ 922778630 

The shelter is open from 3pm - 6pm five days a week Mon - Friday - 
Ring if you would like to visit outside of these hours

How to get to Accion-del-sol

On the TF1 going north from the airport towards Santa Cruz take the turning off for the Granadilla Industrial Port, exit A. Head towards the sea and windmills go straight across one roundabout when you reach the next roundabout veer right up towards the Ecological centre. You will stop and see a hut ( you can't go any further as their will be barrier and somebody outside the hut) Aktiontier is up a track on your right about a 100 metres...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do you have a few hours to spare..?

Do you have a few hours to spare..?

Refugio Fasnia need volunteers at the stalls in El Medano and Guaza markets. it's a good way of meeting people and of course a cool way of helping the refuge dogs.

Table tops and paste boards are also needed, please phone if you would like to volunteer or donate contact -

Ana - 628 673 517

Thursday, August 23, 2012

List of Dog Refuges in Tenerife


Accion-del-sol Tenerife was open in July 2006 and is run by Marion Gonzalez and a small team of part -time staff. Accion is on the site of the 'Institute for renewable energy', Granadilla. The shelter has up to date kennels, a large area for the dogs to run around in with agility equipment and a modern surgery.

Marion believes in educating the public about animals and particularly children. School groups are regularly invited to the centre so they can learn about the dogs and how the rescue centre works. The Director also organises events.

Many of the dogs in the centre are transported to Germany to loving homes, but since animals can't travel alone, Aktiontier needs people to travel with the dogs and are continually looking for willing helpers.

If you would like to volunteer at the shelter or accompany a dog to Germany, please ring or email.

Accion-del-sol - Centro de protección animal y medioambiental de Tenerife Poligono 
Industrial de Granadilla, Parque Eólico de ITER 38611 San Isidro 
Tenerife Tel.0034/ 922778630 

The shelter is open from 3pm - 6pm five days a week Mon - Friday - 
Ring if you would like to visit outside of these hours

How to get to Accion-del-sol

On the TF1 going north from the airport towards Santa Cruz take the turning off for the Granadilla Industrial Port, exit A. Head towards the sea and windmills go straight across one roundabout when you reach the next roundabout veer right up towards the Ecological centre. You will stop and see a hut ( you can't go any further as their will be barrier and somebody outside the hut) Aktiontier is up a track on your right about a 100 metres...

Albergue Valle Colino
Somos un centro para la acogida de perros y gatos abandonados en el área metropolitana de la isla de Tenerife, donde los recuperamos y preparamos para su posterior adopción.

Hemos creado este portal como punto de encuentro entre el animal que necesita ser adoptado y la persona que busca un compañero fiel para toda la vida.

Apostamos también por la educación, creando campañas de concienciación 

y divulgación que influyan en la sociedad fomentando el desarrollo de actitudes más respetuosas hacia los animales.

Recuerda, antes de comprar un animal, visítanos y si no puedes adoptar, ayúdanos 

a darnos a conocer para que otros lo hagan.

Nuestro horario de atención al público es de 11:00 a 13:00 y de 16:00 a 18:00 todos 

los días.


APANOT Refugio de Animales

Humane Association of Northwest Tenerife
NIF: G38609103

Calle Pino No. 27 Llanito Valois Perera
CP.38430. Icod de los Vinos.
Tenerife Spain


Tel: 607 612 111


Facebook page

Refugio Fasnia

Refugio Fasnia opened in August 2012. Here is the Refugio Fasnia facebook page

Here is the link on facebook to Fecapap the association who are looking after the dogs -

Fecapap have said that if you would like to make a cash donation to Fasnia Refuge here is the bank account..



ES80 2065 0107 6214 0005 0373


If you would like to donate any items like towels, doghouses, crates, leashes, collars, construction material, tools, bleach, detergent, supona, betadine and anything that may be useful in a dog shelter, that would be most welcome -  Please call Sol on 664 28 70 75

Please call Heidi 682.517.045 or Solange 664.287.075 if you would like to see the dogs for adoption.


K9 Tenerife
Is a Spanish Registered Charity run by volunteers in the South of Tenerife. The purpose of the organisation is to protect, animals from cruelty, starvation and neglect, and to neuter and spay where possible to avoid over population. At the moment there is no official government funding and K9 rely solely on the public for donations and sponsorships.

K9 was formed in 1993 ( official title is Refugio de Los Animales - K9) by three lady residents in the South of Tenerife, who were moved by the plight of the poor and neglected abandoned animals on the island.

At first the rescued animals (dogs and cats) were keptin kennels that had been constructed by friends and volunteers on some land belonging to one of the founder members. K9 Tenerife raised funds for the upkeep of the animals by organising Car Boot Sales, Dinner dances, the placing of Collection Boxes in Bars and the collection of funds at the local markets.

K9 Tenerife is now affiliated to the RSPCA in the UK .

If you would like to volunteer at k9, take a few dogs for a walk or help with fund-raising phone or see website for further info.
K9 - Kennels Tel: 608 121 081 kennels open 11pm - 2pm

How to get to K9 - K9 is at Las Chafiras on the San Miguel side of the motorway. Follow the San Miguel road for 400 metres, you will see the First Impressions Building on your right hand side. After a further 300 metres you will see a road off to the right. Continue on this road for approx a mile. The kennels are on the right on a bend. Car parking opposite the entrance.

La Esperanza

Marisa started the refuge approx 8 years ago, It developed from opening up a boarding kennel 'Petsworld Dog Hotel' and finding, unfortunately some people started to leave abandoned dogs on her doorstep. So then La Esperanza was born. Marisa  has established connections with many other rescue centres in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France, with whom she has established close and ongoing contact. 

To find out more about volunteering and making a donation phone Marisa on 679 161 682

A small animal centre whose goal it is to help the abandoned dogs and cats here on the island. True, as yet we do not have the capacity of a big animal shelter, but we can offer to take in approximately 50 cats and about 20 dogs.

Ideally we like to offer shelter to those animals who for one reason or another cannot remain

in a normal refuge.  

Regina - 648 137 071
Find us on Facebook at:


Refugio International Para Animales

Refugio Internacional para Animales.
Camino San Bartolomé n 4, Los Perales, La Orotava.
Teléfonos de contacto: 922 372 431 ó 676 445 547.
Horario: De Lunes a Viernes de 10:30 a 13:00, y de 16:00 a 19:00 Los sábados y domingos

de 10:30 a 13:00.
Facebook page

San Francisco de Los Animales
Asociación San Francisco de los Animales was formed in 
February 1999 by a small group of animal loving people distressed by the plight of 
abandoned animals in the South of Tenerife. Due to the ever increasing number of 
abandoned animals and call outs in the west of Tenerife it was decided to start a Santiago
del Teide Branch of the association. San Francisco main aims are to provide a neutering 
programme and veterinary attention, to educate the public in animal husbandry and, where 
possible, find permanent homes.

Permanent caring homes are difficult to find! Unfortunately we do not have funding for a 
refuge kennel, most of the dogs being fostered by members of the association until homes 
can be found, whether it be in Tenerife, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and occasionally 
the U.K.

President of Main Association - Jill 616747284
President of Tiede Branch - Judith (0034) 922 864102 -


The Little Dogs Home -

The refuge is run by Barbara and Chris and as the name suggests is a small refuge. Chris and Barbara
only take a maximum of thirty dogs at a time, as this way each dog can get the proper care
he/she deserves. Go to this  LINK to read more.

Please phone Barbara or Chris on - +34 672917193 if you would like to visit the refuge.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Collection Days For Refugio Fasnia

Collection days for donations for the Refuge Fasnia dogs are Sat 25th and Sun 26th of August

Items wanted:  Dry Food, Bleach, Detergent, Collars, leads, Blankets, Dog Beds, Transport boxes, Black rubbish bags

Donations can be dropped off at.......

Calle Barbuzano 16
Las Rosas
Close to Guargacho/El Fraile/Las Galletas/Silenco and just a short drive from Los Cristianos/Las Americas and Golf del Sur
Contact 671783117

El Medano Market and Guaza Market

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lakya needs a home

Introducing layka a eight year old German shepherd . She has a wonderful temperament and is very affectionate, would be good with a family with children. Can you give this doggie a home she may not be a young pup but still has many more years of love and companionship to give.

For more information 682.517.045 between 15.00 and 21.00 h

Lakya is staying at Refugio Fasnia

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tierra Blanca

I spoke with one of the wooftastic volunteers Solange at Refugio Fasnia. Solange told me that the items the refuge needs the most is food for the dogs and bleach for cleaning.

Of course if you have any other items you can donate like towels, doghouses, crates, leashes, collars, construction material, tools, bleach, detergent, supona, betadine and anything that may be useful in a dog shelter, that would be most welcome -  Please call Sol on 664 28 70 75

Donations can be made also at Restaurant Maria in Golf Del Sur after 5.30pm.

For Cash donations Refugio Fasnia . Here is the information from Fecapap.

Fecapap have said that this is the only bank account that collects for the dogs at Fasnia Refugio.



ES80 2065 0107 6214 0005 0373


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cruelty To Dogs have recently received some emails equiring about videos showing cruelty to, and abuse of dogs which has allegedly been happening in a refuge for stray dogs in Tenerife.

Perhaps because TenerifeDogs is a website that is very easily found on the internet, people from all over the world have been getting in touch for more information, and even asking if the website might be linked to these videos in some way. I just would like to say that is neither a refuge, nor an animal rights campaigning group, but a website that aims to help ALL the local refuges to find new homes for as many dogs as possible.

We have seen these videos and they do show some horrendous scenes of cruelty and dogs being kept in appallingly overcrowded conditions. Because of this, there have been some comments that suggest that it is typical of the way that Spanish people treat their dogs.

This is a dangerous generalisation, and a bit like saying that because there is evidence * of cruelty in some care homes in the UK, then British people must be child abusers  (* eg the recent video broadcast on BBC news of abuse in a children's home near Bristol). Unfortunately cruelty, abuse, and appallingly bad management can and do happen anywhere and everywhere in the world (or to put it another way; "sheet happens !").

I gather that the UK care home has now closed and will only re-open with a change of name and new staff. The people involved in the abuse are no longer there, and will probably be prosecuted, which is clearly the only way that the home could start afresh.

A solution has also recently been found for the Live Arico dog refuge, involving a change of management and re-location to a new site.

There have been problems at LA for quite a few years. In 2010 after a visit, we posted on this website (LINK) that the dogs were in a bit of a sad state. The reason we wrote about this was not to take sides, but to pose some questions for all those involved to think about carefully:

1. Is it better for dogs to live in overcrowded (and potentially worse) conditions in rescue kennels, or are they better off on the street fending for themselves ?

2. If LA were to be closed down, then where would the dogs go ? Presumably a lot of them would have too be put down, so is this a viable option ? nb of course some dogs from LA do indeed find homes eventually.

3. Then there's the difficult and controversial issue of Euthanasia. Is it better to keep alive say an elderly dog with a terminal illness ? or a dog which is aggressive / potentially vicious and is very unlikely to find a home ? Keeping it alive might well be detrimental to the other dogs in the kennels. Is it more cruel to keep a dog alive when it can have no real quality of life, than it is to 'put it to sleep' ?

So, these were the questions that we posed in 2010, and if you go to the link, you'll see that it started a very full and open debate.

Unfortunately the problems weren't solved, and in fact, as the videos allegedly show, only got worse. But at least this is now out in the open, and as mentioned, a solution has been found. The LA dogs are now being looked after by Fedcapap LINK at a new refuge in Fasnia. TenerifeDogs wishes them well, and hopes that this situation never happens again !

We will continue to do our bit to help find good homes for as many dogs as possible, and also to try and get people to be responsible dog owners.

.....I will not put any comments up that have bad language  or are not worded in a reasoned way....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Extract from Book "I Woof Therefore I am" (working Title)

.........The next few days passed without incident until Monday arrived. Customs were due to deliver all the rest of our stuff, including my bowl, in the morning (yeah right, don't hold your breath !). We waited all morning for the lorry to arrive, had lunch, and then waited some more. It finally arrived at 5pm. Trev tried to ask the delivery man what had happened ? Why hadn't they turned up when they said they would ? Why hadn't they phoned ? But he just shrugged and kept saying "que ?" as if it was entirely normal to be at least five hours late ... which for him it was.

We were beginning to realise that things worked differently here. If something arrived some time on the day it was supposed to, then that was actually an efficient delivery service, never mind how many hours you've had to stay in waiting - that's irrelevant. Some people call this the 'manana culture' (wadever ...), but in fact it goes much deeper than that. It's actually more like a whole alternative universe: the 'Manana Universe' with it's own unique laws and principles.

For instance, built in to the way things worked in this universe was the (relative) certainty that everybody would be late for an appointment. The game was guessing by just how much (the so-called 'Manana Uncertainty Principle' - or 'MUPpet's Law'). If someone were actually to turn up on time, the delicate balance which is the 'Manana Space-Time-Continuum' would be thrown into complete mayhem, nothing would work, and the universe might even be sucked into a black hole created by an on-time delivery man.

I think I've already mentioned that I'm a highly intelligent super-sophisto dog, and understand these kind of things. So I knew there was actually a whole branch of quantum physics devoted to studying how things work in the 'Manana Universe'.

A good example of this was the washing machine in our new home. It was a kind of 'manana washing machine'. You switched it on, and it made helpful noises for while, but then it would sort of shrug and go for a siesta, and you'd be left wondering if perhaps it would decide to finish the rest of the spin cycle some time in the indefinite future - perhaps when the sun had gone down and all the other washing machines had sprung into life for a bit of 'electrodomesticos socialising'. The manana washing machine always knew if it was a fiesta day. There seemed to be one of those most weeks, and no-one / nothing worked. Again the game was predicting when they'd occur. MUPpet's Law seemed to have something to do with it, because there was certainly a lot of uncertainty involved in guessing when a fiesta (or the washing machine) would spring into life.

We'd been here barely a week, and we were already finding out that things were hardly every quite as they at first seemed in this new universe. For one thing, some things could be both true and untrue at the same time, without much of a contradiction or anyone actually being accused of telling untruths. The locals had a phrase that you'd hear quite often: "mas o menos" and there were others: "temporary problem" meant "could take an unlimited number of mananas", and "no problem" equalled "time to get really worried".

Another source of uncertainty in the Manana Universe was that most of the time, things that could go wrong did inevitably go wrong, but sometimes they'd surprise you by working - if not perfectly, then at least a hell of a lot better than you'd ever thought they would. English-speaking humans have expressions that express the first part of this: Sod's Law, Murphy's Law ... the French say stuff like "c'est la vie", and as we dogs say: "Life's a Bitch". But the dogs around here say: "Manana's a Bitch ... preferable a hot poodle with a cute little butt !"

Illustrations by Annie Chapman

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Live Arico Refuge has Closed down

Live Arico Refuge has closed down and the dogs are now being re-located to a refuge in Fasnia. The dogs are now under the care of FECAPAP - Federation Canaria de Asociaciones Protectoras de Animales y Plantas, here's their facebook page .

If anyone would like to make a donation to the upkeep of the dogs , and if anyone who wishes to organise a fund-raiser event for the doggies at Fasnia please do! as the doggies still need your help here is the bank account number.

Caja Canarias

2065 0107 6214 00050373.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wooftastic Fundraising Events to Help the Doggies !

Tenerifedogs2UK and Poochie Pet Hotel - Saturday 4th August Coral Mar Square Silenco 4pm- 8pm

Alice Shaw and Mark who run Poochie Pet Hotel have been fostering two dogs vodka and Xura as part of the tenerife dogs2 The UK campaign. They now have 2 more doggies Nai and Pompom, there are 6 pooches in total and Alice and Mark are trying to raise money to get them to there forever homes in the UK ( all have homes ready and waiting) .
This Saturday Alice, Mark and Sharon Edens are holding a fundraiser at Coral Mar Square Silencio 4 pm till 8 pm called 'Movie, Musical Madness' there will be constant entertainment , bbq, stalls , tombola and raffle . Please try and come along and support this Wooftastic cause !
Any donations however small will be very much appreciated , cash, raffle prizes or tombola. Let Alice Shaw at Poochie Pet Hotel know if anything needs to be collected
TEL 661099365

K9 Tenerife and Live Arico - Tuesday 7th August and 9th August - Gilian Banks Theatre School to perform two events for K9 and Live Arico.

Tuesday 7th August at The Palms, Golf Del Sur. Tickets €15 to include 2 course meal and show.

Thursday 9th August at The Harbour Club, Los Gigantes. Tickets €20 to include 5 star buffet and show.

Both events showcase the Gillian Banks Theatre School and you are guaranteed to be blown away by their performance. K9 website  or contact Sue Havenhand on 629 388 102  for tickets.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stone in my bladder !

On Sunday I really was not feeling well. I couldn't do my pee pee's and it really hurt when I tried. So Nikki decided to take me to the vet, just as well because I was in a bad way . I had to have my pee pee syringed out. Not very pleasant but necessary as otherwise the toxins would build up in my blood and possibly my bladder would burst and I would die.

The next day more X-Rays were taken and it was discovered that I have a stone in my bladder. I have been given a special diet to help reduce the size of the stone plus antibiotics and hopefully I will not require surgery.

The vet doesn't know why I have a stone as I am a young dog and this occurs more in older doggies.

So all you doggie owners out there if you see your dog having trouble having a pee pee , take it seriously, especially if he or she is in pain while trying to pee pee and there is no urine coming out or very little. Please take your pooch to a vet immediately ! If you leave it too long your doggie's bladder can burst !

Here is an X-ray of approximately where my stone is..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gizmo needs a home !

Don't worry mis amigos I am not looking for a new home. I have a wooftastic family and I am not going anywhere !  No it's this little chap in the photo who is also called Gizmo , he hasn't had much luck poor fella. His first owners gave him up, after bringing him over from the UK. Then Gizmo's owners later adopted two puppies!. Which just makes me barking mad!

The story is not over yet though. Gizmo then gets adopted by two humans who now have to give him up because the place they are moving too doesn't take dogs. Steph Tufft has met Gizmo and she says he is a little character and completely unfazed with Steph's larger dogs.

So if anyone reading this fancies giving Gizmo a home he deserves. Afterall he is called Gizmo so is bond to be incredibly loveable and intelligent,etc,etc. Call Steph on
628 859 973

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cars needed to help animals affected by fires

More cars are needed on July 28th to help the animals affected by the fires. Please go to link below to find out more. There will be a meeting point in Santa Cruz.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Attention Tenerife Fires and animals..!

A number of animal welfare organizations have requested that the authorities advise owners who are affected by the forest fires, to release their animals if they cannot rescue or move them.

They are worried about the large number of farms in the affected areas and the speed with which the fire is advancing.

The refuges advise not to leave animals locked up, tied or inside in a kennel or your home, if they are let loose, their  instinct will tell them to flee from the flames.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Benson and Phoebe

Benson and Phoebe need a home contact K9 Tenerife if you would like more information.
Kennels - 608 121 081

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Extract from book 'Nobody's Poodle'

Here is an example of one of the many wonderful drawings by talented artist Annie Chapman which will appear in the finished book.

... this reminds me of a hard lesson that I've had to learn about cats. Now, I know I said that cats are "pants" ... but for my well-being, and the cats', it's a mistake to think that I could simply chase all the pesky critters right off the planet. Its just not possible, and actually it's not even healthy for us dogs to declare war. Chasing them is wooftastic sport - yes, but though it pains me to say it:  we do have to live together in relative harmony.

I'm reminded of a quote from that great canine philosopher, Snoopy: "Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I feel very peculiar. I feel like I've just got to bite a cat ! I feel like if I don't bite a cat before sundown, I'll go crazy ! But then I just take a deep breath and forget about it. That's what is known as real maturity." And to that, I'd just add: 'real wisdom'. I always try to keep this in mind when I see one of them fekin moggies sneering down at me from the neighbour's wall.

Anyhow, Trev's mood changed when I put my paw on his arm. He seemed to understand what it meant. He laughed ruefully, and his voice changed: "Honestly Gizmo, anyone would think that you can really understand everything I've been saying."

This was actually quite amusing for me as well. Had he only just realised: we did understand each other. Of course we did. Maybe not in the conventional human way, with words, but he certainly understood the point of my paw gesture, and I understood what he'd been telling me - from the music of his voice, the looks into my eyes, and his tears. We were communicating perfectly, with emotions, rather than words.

As I say, it's funny really. On the one hand, humans don't think us woofers can understand a word they're saying, but then, on the other hand, they expect us to come running as soon as they call our names; or not to lick that tasty horse shit when they tell us what it will do to your stomachs. We can chew bones, but not their slippers, and when they explain this, they expect us to understand and obey.

Hey, Trev even used to talk to me about his problems with Sharon. "I'm in the dog house again" he'd say to me, as he took me for my morning walk. "'Er Indoors is giving me grief again", and he'd go on for the next fifteen minutes about it, when all I really wanted was for him to let me off the lead and throw a ball for me to chase. Right, OK then, I'm a Man's Best Friend, so I'll listen to his tales of woe about 'Er Indoors, but they really should make up their minds about this, and decide whether we can understand their lingo or not.

Your average family pooch isn't bothered about any of this. Basically he'll just suit himself, and only really respond to commands when he feels like it, or when biscuits are involved. However, I'm a bit different. I think I've already mentioned that I'm a highly intelligent super-sophisto woofer. When it comes to understanding difficult stuff like this, I'm the mutt's nuts, the dog's danglies. So, as I've explained, I can communicate directly using state-of-the-art canine communications: gestures, sounds, smells and emotions.

Please leave comments below - muchas gracias

Nobody's Poodle is available to buy form and

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pooches at Accion-del-sol

Check out the pooches that need homes on accion-del-sol facebook page

Accion-del-Sol refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the  Parque Eolica where the windmills are. The refuge is open monday - friday 3-6pm visit or call Accion Del Sol on 922778630.