Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Out-of-Botty Experience

I had an embarrassing problem this week: however much I ate, and however hard I pushed, nothing was coming out of my backside ! (sorry if this is too much information). Fortunately Nikki, my owner, eventually got wind of my discomfort (ha ha), checked my rear end, and horror-of-horrors found something sticking out that wasn't suppose too be there. So off to the vet we went.

When we arrived at the surgery and sat down in the waiting room there were a couple of worried-looking cat-dudes in cages (let me at 'em !) and a maniacally yapping poodle jumping up and down on her owner's knee. I soon realised why they were so worked-up as I turned my head and made eye contact with a massive, slobbering Rottweiller (aka "Rambo"), who was sizing me up ready for his next meal !

His owner said that Rambo "was a pussycat really". Yeah right, we all believe that ... NOT !  The cats in the cages were praying to The Great-Moggie-in-the-Sky that they wouldn't be Rambo's next snack, and the poodle was now clinging for dear life to her owner's neck. As If it wasn't enough that Rambo was scaring the fur off us, he started shaking his head,  making his jowls wobble quite disgustingly, and we all had to duck to avoid his projectile slobber - hmmm, nice ! Luckily it was soon my turn too see Miquel (the vet) and escape from Rambo's warm embraces and bad breath.

Miquel lifted me up onto the table and Nikki explained that I had problems doing my poo-poos. Miquel started by looking into my mouth and eyes, but Nikki said: "no no, it's Gizmo's rear end that's the problem !". Maybe he was just trying to delay the inevitable pleasure of inspecting my cute butt, and I suppose I couldn't really blame him.

Anyhow, there was indeed something stuck up there causing a blockage. Quite a few things actually: bits of twig, string, slippers, gardening implements ... you name it, it was all up there. God knows how - I don't remember eating half of that stuff.

With a resigned look and practised dexterity, Miguel managed to clear the blockage. Wow, what a wooftastic relief ! but it was only short-lived: a thermometer was rapidly inserted back up where the sun don't shine (as if I hadn't suffered enough humiliation !). Miquel was concerned that I might have torn something inside and have an infection, so he needed to take my temperature. Happily it was normal, and I got a biscuit, a pat on the head, and that was that (at least until I find some more tasty looking sharp objects to chomp on).

So, my doggie amigos, the moral of this story is: don't eat stuff you're not suppose to - otherwise it might involve an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing visit to the vet. As the saying goes: "sheet happens" ... and if it doesn't then something's wrong, visit the vet and have an Out-of-Botty experience like mine.

On the subject of visiting the vet: some doggies find it quite stressful, what with all the strange sights, smells and sounds; all the unfamiliar humans and animals; not to mention oversized mean looking Rotweillers with macho studded collars and owners covered in tattoos. So here are a few tips to help keep your pooch calm:

• Make sure your pooch has had a chance to go for a pee / poo before you go the vet (that's if they're able to of course !)
• Take some of his favourite treats with you to reward him for good behaviour while in the surgery.
• Keep your dog calm and by your side, even if he wants to say "Hola" to the other patients in the waiting room.
• Give him lots of physical attention: ie cuddles, and talk to him softly as this will help keep him relaxed.

Copyright Nikki Attree - Published in Island Connections

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Accion-Del-Sol and new pooch which needed a major make-over !

This doggie came into Accion-Del -Sol , very badly matted its even difficult to see the dog underneath all the fur. - The vet and kind volunteers at the refuge cleaned him up and now he looks like a different pooch as you can tell from the After photo.

The poor dog must of been so uncomfortable and imagine the amount of fleas he had which would have be very painful due to the scratching of the skin. This is an extreme case of course . But its so important to keep your pooches fur groomed if he is of the long fur variety !



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dog Refuge Events..!

Accion-Del- Sol - Saturday 28th January - Puppies and Pony Club fun and educational morning where children learn how to care, feed, groom and learn basic veterinary care.Tel 922 778 630 facebook page

 K9 Tenerife Saturday 28th January.  The Welcome Inn at Costa del Silencio have agreed to host a fundraiser for K9. facebook page

K9 TenerifeMonday 13th February   St Valentine Fundraiser at Monaco restaurant Peurto Colon, Las Americas. Raffle, Bottle Tombola, Book & Craft Stalls. Info from Sue on 922 710 675 facebook page

K9 Tenerife - Saturday 31st March     This is a “Thank You” event for all the volunteers and supporters of FOTA/K9 over the past year. It is being held at The Heritage Bar in Los Cristianos (behind the bus station) and commences at 3pm. Free refreshments will be provided and the entertainment promises to be First Class. There will be a Fun Quiz & Raffle.
Invitations will be coming out in January but anyone who has supported us in the past will be very welcome. RSVP is required because of the food preparation. facebook page

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A year (and a bit) in the life of a K9 adoptee called Toto

Written by Mikey from K9 Tenerife...

A year (and a bit) in the life of a K9 adoptee called Toto

Hello everyone. Well it seems such a long time since I was with all my old friends at K9 and such a lot has happened - new home, new family, new country and lots of new friends, but I still think about you all and thought you might like to know about my life after K9.

As you know, I had a bit of a miserable start in life – born in a refuge, adopted but then brought back (because I chewed – still do that but only my toys!) I was ill for a time and thought I was not going to make it but the guys at K9 pulled out all the stops and I gradually got better. I was still not at my best when my Mum, Lynn, started to help walk the dogs at K9 but she saw something in me that she liked and I was very good with her so we enjoyed our walks together.
I must have made a good impression because suddenly I was in a new home in Tenerife and had not only a new Mum but a Grandad as well – Jack.
He took a bit longer for me to get to know as I was not terribly keen on men but we are now best buddies! I had my own comfy bed and lots of toys to chew my way through. I was on my best behaviour in my new home though – no accidents indoors! I had lots of walks and also had my own garden.

I really enjoyed my trips in the car and still visited K9 when my Mum walked the other dogs there – I stayed in the car to keep an eye on Grandad who cannot walk very well but also kept an eye out for my old friends to say hello. I learnt lots of things in Tenerife – how to chase a ball – meeting new people – eating new foods as well as having lots of treats.

I was settling in really well and getting to know my routine when, in January 2011, there was the biggest change ever to my life. I was taken to the vet and given some tablets – I did a bit of a widdle in the surgery as I was a bit nervous but I don’t think anyone noticed. The next thing I know, I was put in a large crate and went on a longish journey in a strange vehicle – I found out later it was an aeroplane and I was off to England. I met some nice people at Gatwick Animal Centre who made a fuss of me, but I was very pleased when my Mum and one of my girlies collected me. I was allowed straight home as I had my own passport but boy let me tell you it was ffffreeeezing! My new home is on the south coast of England but it was till very cold.
My new house seemed strange at first – it is a lot bigger than Tenerife and has more rooms. There are soft carpets in every room and it is lovely and warm inside compared with outside. I have my own bed in my cage again but also have a second bed in another room so that I can keep an eye on all my family.

Springtime was really warm. Grandad spends a lot of time in the garden and I have to join him to check he is OK, keep an eye out for foxes, squirrels and badgers – oh and play with my ball. It is warm work though and I have to cool off with a nice drink.
I am still a bit shy with new dogs and people but my Mum took me to a dog training class where I learnt to be a bit more confident with other dogs (although some of them were total fruitcakes at first) and the man who ran the class thought I was excellent at walking and fetch. One of my favourite times now is my daily walkies in the morning. We go through the wood by my house and then onto my favourite place – the recreation ground where I have a good play with my ball and meet up with my pals.
I then often walk back home with my best pals Poppy and Daisy but I have to keep an eye on Poppy as now and again she nicks my favourite ball.
I do have a busy life now. I have to go to the shops, the recycling centre etc with Grandad every day to keep an eye on him and guard the car. We also go to my Mum’s new craft shop in our village to take her lunch – I sometimes stand guard to vet who comes in.

Anyway, that’s all for now. In the meantime, I have to get on with choosing which ball to take with me today.

Take care all – we still think about you!


Its so nice to hear from doggies who have found happy homes - muchas gracias Toto for letting us know about your new life in the UK.
woof woof Gizmo

Monday, January 23, 2012

My second class at Star Agility

I went to Star-South Tenerife Agility Ring yesterday had another fab afternoon with my furry amigos and the nice agility teacher Clare, with the help of her assistant Glenn showed us how to use some more of the equipment - It was great fun for the doggies and the humans. There was this rather horizontally challenged chap though waiting ouside the ring - don't think he has much hope of being able to join in though..!

Dominique Doring (Dog Trainer) and Sam doing his stuff
 Mi furry amigo Sam again
 The lovely Mercedes doing her stuff

   This horizontally challenged chap was hanging outside the agility ring I think he over did it with the biscuits ..!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Happy Tail video of a Dog from Accion-del-sol


A rescue dog 'Kodie' from Accion-del-sol who found a loving home with the help of Dominque Doring

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dog Refuge Events

Refugio Y Alberques De Tenerife - 21 Jan  9.00 - 14H. Market stall in El Medano Plaza to raise money for the dogs in Refugio Y Alberques De Tenerife 

San Francisco de los Animales are having a Dog Show - 22 Jan 10.30 am  - all money goes to the Refuge, its a fun show if any one wants to come and show their dogs you need to be at the Los Gigantes Hotel at the rear at 10.15am.

Live Arico Event - 25th January - at the Oasis Pool Bar, Fairway Village, Golf del Sur, from 8pm. Enjoy a carvery dinner, homemade desserts, and live entertainment hosted by Suzy q. Tickets €10 from the bar, or from Suzy directly 629 388102. facebook page

Accion-Del- Sol - Saturday 28th January - Puppies and Pony Club fun and educational morning where children learn how to care, feed, groom and learn basic veterinary care.Tel 922 778 630 facebook page

 K9 Tenerife Saturday 28th January.  The Welcome Inn at Costa del Silencio have agreed to host a fundraiser for K9. facebook page

K9 TenerifeMonday 13th February   St Valentine Fundraiser at Monaco restaurant Peurto Colon, Las Americas. Raffle, Bottle Tombola, Book & Craft Stalls. Info from Sue on 922 710 675 facebook page

K9 Tenerife - Saturday 31st March     This is a “Thank You” event for all the volunteers and supporters of FOTA/K9 over the past year. It is being held at The Heritage Bar in Los Cristianos (behind the bus station) and commences at 3pm. Free refreshments will be provided and the entertainment promises to be First Class. There will be a Fun Quiz & Raffle.
Invitations will be coming out in January but anyone who has supported us in the past will be very welcome. RSVP is required because of the food preparation. facebook page

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The wind is blowing in my fur

Here's a photo of me today, watching the windsurfing and kitesurfing in El Medano. It wasn't easy as the wind kept blowing fur in my eyes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My First Agility Class

I went to my first agility class yesterday with my mate Sammy and Nikki's pal Dominique Doring (Dog Trainer). The Agility class is held next to a banana plantation in the San Eugenio area, see here for directions click.  In the first class, Clare our agility teacher demonstrated to us about how to use some of the equipment and we all had turns using it. There were 6 of us attending the class , that's the maximum of doggies they can teach in one go, as it  then gives everybody a chance to have individual attention.

I thought I did very well and Clare the agility teacher was impressed. All of the doggies though did very well . It helps that Clare is such a kind and patience teacher . Shelly and her partner also agility trainers were there to give a helping hand and they are also very nice humans :)

Mi furry amiga the lovely Mercedes, started first with jumping over a pole followed by me and the other doggies . Our owners brought plenty of treats with them so we had incentive to jump over the poles. We were all quite exhausted including our owners when we finished, but it was great fun and a fantastic way to bond with your pooch. I can highly recommend agility training and Star Agility who are very professional and kind people. You can find out more by clicking here

Me jumping over pole ( impressive yeh !) also in photo Clare in purple shirt, and Nikki

My mate Sammy checking out the tunnel and Dominique Doring and Clare.

The lovely Mercedes leaping through the ring.

Me in foreground checking out Bertie's technique.

Friday, January 13, 2012

How I was rescued from the mean streets of Granadillia

Today I'm going to tell you the story of how I was rescued from the mean streets of Granadillia, adopted by Nikki and Richard, and got my job with Tenerife dogs.com.

About a year ago I was abandoned by my previous owners. Goodness knows why: maybe I grew too big, or perhaps my owners couldn't afford to keep me anymore ? Maybe I was woofing too much, or chewed up one too many pairs of their slippers ? ... who knows ?

It was very sad and lonely living on the streets, really difficult to find water or something to eat, and people kept shouting at me to go away !

Then one day I got lucky. The Proteccion Civil picked me up and took me to the dog refuge: Accion del Sol. The kind humans there gave me some water and something to eat. Their vet checked me to see if I had any injuries, and tested me for heart-worm which can be a very nasty illness for us pooches. I was de-flead (phew thank goodness, those pesky fleas were a real pain!), and I went to say hello to the other inmates in the cages there. One day I'll tell you all about some of the wonderful woofers that I met there, but for now let's get on with my story ...

Because I didn’t have a micro-chip or a collar, Accion del Sol couldn’t find my owner, so I had to wait with the other dogs until someone wanted to give me a home. Then I had another bit of luck. After only three days, the nice lady director of Accion del Sol: Marion found me a potential home with a local couple who's little Yorkie (Basil) had just died. When I first met my new family I was a liitle shy and timid, but then we went for a walk, and I got more confident and started to cheer up a bit. They decided that they'd try looking after me for a few days to see how I'd get on with them.

Before I could go to my new home though, I had to be castrated and micro-chipped. There are already far too many abandoned dogs without me adding to the problem with more puppies. Also it means that I'll probably live a bit longer, and be a happier pooch - so it's not as bad as it sounds ! Having a micro-chip means that if I get lost, the police or a rescue shelter can locate my owners.

The next day Nikki and Richard came to collect me, which was very exciting ! Marion gave me a farewell cuddle, and then I got in their car to go to my new home. When we go there, I started exploring straight away, and it wasn't long before I'd sniffed out some interesting smells, discovered the dog biscuits, and I felt quite at home straight away. Within about half-an-hour my foster family realised how cute I was (lucky I was on my best behaviour), and decided that they were going to keep me permanently !

Now I get lots of lovely walks; I've got my own bed; plenty of fun toys; bones to chew; and loads of cuddles. So I definitely have landed on my paws all right ! :-)

It wasn’t long before I was assigned the important role of SpokesMutt for TenerifeDogs.com, following in the paw steps of the late, great Basil, who was the first ambassador for TenerifeDogs . Nikki set up this website to support all the kind humans who help poor abandoned pooches like myself find a new home, and being a rescue dog myself I know only too well about the plight of abandoned dogs in Tenerife. By the way, do check out the advice, information, and list of rescue shelters on www.TenerifeDogs.com if you're thinking about adopting a pooch.

I was very lucky to find a home quickly and land on my paws, but there are plenty of my mates still waiting for someone to give them a home. So, if you're  thinking of making a pooch part of your family, a rescue dog would love to meet you ! If you do give them a home, there'll be one less pooch on the streets struggling to find food and shelter, and one less dog living in a cage in a rescue shelter.

This article has been printed in Island Connections - Copyright Nikki Attree
Check out gizmo's book www.nobodyspoodle.com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unwanted Christmas present !

This sweetie was found in a box shortly after Christmas. Chloe is probably about 8 to 10 weeks. She will be a small to medium dog and has a fluffy coat. She is being looked after by the Lady who found her but cannot stay there. can anyone give this little girl a good home before she needs to go to the shelter. if you would like to adopt her contact nikki@tenerifedogs.com ..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hazel Eames, Kennel Manager at K9

Introducing Hazel Eames -  as well as being the hardworking Kennel Manager at K9 Tenerife,  Hazel  is a cake maker extrodinaire, gardener, and plays a mean game of badminton .


 Newsletter Written by Mikey (K9)..

Hazel has worked at the kennels since Jan 2003 where she began walking the dogs and progressed to become Kennel manager in 2008.

Despite no formal qualifications, it was an easy appointment for the committee to make, because of her experience and “can do” attitude. Hazel has been married for 26 years to Phil and they have 2 teenage children Daryl & Joanne. Has spent 6 years in Saudi Arabia, and South Africa for 2 years to follow her husband’s occupation in I.T. They returned to the UK in 1999 before moving to Tenerife in June 2002 bringing 2 of their cats with them. One of them Sassy, is now 13 years of age and has 10 other cats and a small dog Lucy for company. Hazel has fostered several cats for K9 over the years.

Hazel’s passion is badminton and plays in the Tenerife League, finishing third in the mixed doubles with partner Tony. Enjoys reading, loves gardening, growing fruit and vegetables and is a dab hand at making novelty cakes.

Her pet hates are housework and children who constantly leave plates and cups lying around!
Hazel loves her work at the kennels which is evident from the positive and polite way she conducts herself. K9 is very fortunate to have a manager who sets a good example to the team who work with her and is well respected by her colleagues. Once the kennels are closed for the day, she will often be called to investigate an abandoned dog or cat somewhere. A good egg.


Check out K9 website and if you would like to visit the kennels to walk a dog or adopt - here are the directions

K9 is at Las Chafiras on the San Miguel side of the motorway. Follow the San Miguel road for 400 metres, you will see the First Impressions Building on your right hand side. After a further 300 metres you will see a road off to the right. Continue on this road for approx a mile. The kennels are on the right on a bend. Car parking opposite the entrance.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Star - South Tenerife Agility Ring open day

I went to the Star-South Tenerife Agility Ring open day today with Nikki's pal, Dominique Döring (dog trainer), and met one of my facebook amigas Mercedes Hamer . I was well impressed with the doggies performances and have booked up a course of agility lessons. If anyone is interested in a course for your pooch go to the website for contact information www.southtenerifeagilityring.com

 Me and Mercedes Hamer hanging out together.

 Shelley Stevens one of the organisers of the event and her pooch

 Me and Mercedes getting some biccies from Dominique , she is such a nice lady :)
 A dog has got to do what a dog has got to do !

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two female doggies need loving homes

Two female doggies (2-3 years old) need loving homes. One of the pooches is going to Germany via Live Arico :). Now there are two doggies left which need homes. As you will see by the photos, the doggies look a bit like me, though smaller so obviously are stunning !


As the law now has changed it is easier to send doggies to the UK so adopting a dog from Tenerife is much more feasible, so any UK readers please email if are you interested in adopting. One of the refuges in Tenerife in assocation with a Pet Hotel such as poochies pet hotel I am sure would help with the process of injections and putting the pooch on a plane.

More information about these doggies is also available on Tenerife Forum

Send an email if you are interested in adopting nikki@tenerifedogs.com

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taking Pets to the UK

Written by Mikey (K9)

New rules will make it easier and cheaper to take pets to the United Kingdom from January 1st 2012.
Dog and cat owners will notice the difference as the UK will harmonise its pet movement rules with the rest of the European Union, bringing the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme into line with the most recent science.

The UK will maintain its high level of protection against animal diseases after the changes, which have the potential to save pet owners hundreds of pounds in fees.

However, forcing pets to spend six months in quarantine, a practice dating from the 1800’s is no longer necessary because of vastly improved rabies vaccines and treatments.

All pets will still need to be vaccinated against rabies but pets from the EU and Tenerife will no longer need a blood test and will only have to wait 21 days before they travel. The changes will ensure the risk of rabies coming to the UK remains extremely low.

The Health Protection Agency considers Spain a ‘no risk’ country for rabies. It is estimated the possibility of a person dying from rabies obtained from a pet, is once in 21,000 years!

The EU pet movement scheme has been working well for a decade and it makes sense for the UK to come into line with everyone else, making it easier and cheaper for those who wish to travel with their pets to the UK.

Dog tapeworm is common in Southern Spain so the UK must continue to protect the public against the risk of serious tapeworm infections, so tapeworm control will remain in force.
Tick treatment for pets returning to the UK will no longer be required.

Detailed information on what pet owners and vets need to do before bringing a pet to the UK can be found at   "http://defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel" http://defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel  or obtained from +44(0)870 241 1710


Monday, January 2, 2012

This doggie from K9 needs a home

This doggie is currently staying at K9, he is a young doggie not much older than a pup - to find out more about this pooch ring Hazel K9 kennels on Tel: 667 638 468 kennels open 11pm - 2pm

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gizmo's 2012 New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. I'll try not to chew Nikki’s slippers, watch, Yoga Dvd, or the book she's currently reading - and I promise not to eat the last page before she has a chance to finish it.

2. I'll be kind to the stupid looking Moggy-with-no-tail down the road, and I won't chase him (ah um, yes, well not that much). I'll also try and be nicer to cats in general. It's going to be difficult though: they really irritate me when they come into my garden and start prancing around with their noses in the air.  A kind of red mist comes over me and I go all Tom-&-Jerry on them.

3. I won't eat the toilet rolls in the bathroom - gave me bad indigestion last time anyhow !

4. I won't fart when there are human friends around (it's a good way of getting them off the sofa though :-)

5. I won't slurp Nikki's coffee in the morning, she doesn't put enough sugar in it anyway (but if she will leave that last little bit lying around, what does she expect ?).

6. When I'm going to throw up I'll aim for the tiles, instead of the last remaining bit of clean rug (even though the rug smells much more interesting when I've thrown up on it).

7. I won't roll around in horse poo and then jump on the sofa. Apparently horse poo smells bad to humans - I just don't understand why ? ... smells fantastic to me (much better than the sofa anyway).

8. I won't stick my head in the dishwasher and lick the plates. I got my collar stuck in there once, and it wasn't a good place to spend a few hours.

9. I'll really try not to woof at the postman. On second thoughts, maybe thats a bit too unrealistic. Let's just say that I won't woof so hard that I bounce up and down. Will that do ? I mean he's there for us woofers to woof at - fact. Simple as that.