Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steph Tufft Veterinary Nurse and Groomer on Coast FM

Breaking Barking News -

Catch Steph Tufft veterinary nurse and groomer on Coast FM she will be giving you updates on a selection of doggies who need permanent homes or fostering.

Tenerife dogs thinks this is a wooftastic idea, thanks Steph.

Check out Steph's website

A puppy from Poochies Pet Hotel needs a home - His name is Pancho, 6 months old. If you would like to give this pup a home ring Pete on 661099365

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RSPCA to turn away unwanted animals

Breaking Barking News...

More doom and gloom for animal shelters in the UK If the RSPCA are struggling because of the recession what about the smaller less well of shelters

Click here to go to channel 4 article

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Monday, April 26, 2010


An Associate member of RSPCA International

Car Boot Sales – K9
K9 Sales are held on the first Sunday of each month at Happy Days Bowls & Tennis Club, Garanana, Costa del Silencio from 8am until midday.  Stalls €6 each.
Enquiries from Pat the Cat on 608 121 081
Next one’s are on 2nd May & 6th June
K9 also hold a Sale on the second Saturday of each month outside Shimmers Bar in
Callao Salvaje from 10.30 am until 1pm.  Enquiries from Pat the Cat as above.
Next one’s are 8th May & 12th June

Car Boot Sales – Friends of the Animals Sales are held on the last Sunday of each month
        at the Sports Centre, Los Gigantes from 9am until midday. Info from Pat the Cat.
F.O.T.A. now have a Good As New Shop between the Medical Centre & Pizza Taxi at Playa De La Arena. It is open from 10am to 6pm Mon to Fri & 10am to 2pm on a Saturday.

Playa San Juan & Alcala Markets.
        K9 and Friends of the Animals have stalls here each Wednesday & Sunday from
        9am until 2pm.

Adeje Sunday Evening Market.
K9  have a Good as New stall here each Sunday. It is open from 4pm to 8pm and is sited in Adeje at the Ika Centre. Susan on 922 710675 for more info.

What you can do…
In our organisation time is a big factor and we are always in need of people who can give some of their time to us, as there are never enough people to get the tasks done. If you are able to help with any of the following tasks please contact the relevant people. THANK YOU.

We are in need of good quality bric a brac and other suitable car boot items. These can be delivered directly to the kennels during opening hours. Open every day from 10.30am till 1.30pm, or if you need the items to be collected then please call Pat on 608121081 or Kenny on 627096518 to arrange collection. (No large furniture items please). We also need volunteers to help at the car boot sales and other fundraising events that take place, please call Pat.

The dogs like to be taken out of the kennels for a change, so we are always happy when dog walkers turn up. You are always welcome at the kennels any day from 9.30am till 1.30pm. Please have sensible footwear and a drink. Respect the advice given about each individual dog.

If anyone is interested in assisting primarily with our cats, we do need help with trapping and neutering as required, or help on a morning from 9am at the Kennel Cattery. Tel 667638468.

Occasionally we need foster parents for a dog or a cat. They may need special care or just TLC due to illness, broken bones, or some other reason. If you would be interested in fostering please contact the kennels on 667638468.

We are forever on the lookout for new fundraising ideas; if you would like to arrange a fundraising event on our behalf, or have any ideas, please contact any of the numbers below.

Forthcoming Events to note.
Tues 11th May at Starlights Cabaret Bar. All Star Entertainment from 8pm. See separate details.
Fri 10th December. K9 Christmas Dinner/Fundraiser. Make a note in your diary for now please.

Due primarily to the ‘credit crunch’ K9 and other refuges are feeling the effects of more cats and dogs needing to be re-homed. Please think carefully before taking on a pet – dogs and cats need to have their injections up to date, six months prior to leaving Tenerife. It is also very expensive to take them back to the UK. If our kennels are full please contact the police (Tel 112) in the district you reside (as a last resort).

The K9 Officers & Committee are grateful for the continued support to our abandoned animals from the general public in these very difficult times financially.

Any Bar that has a Red K9 Collection Box, if it is more than half full, will you please contact the name on the box or Pat the Cat on 608121081 to arrange collection. Thanks.

People often ring to ask “Where are your kennels”.  They are at Las Chafiras on the San Miguel side of the motorway. Follow the San Miguel road for 400 metres, you will see the First Impressions Building on your right hand side. After a further 300 metres you will see a road off to the right. Continue on this road for approx a mile. The kennels are on the right on a bend. Car parking opposite the entrance.

Useful contacts.
Kennels     667 638 468.
Pat the Cat    608 121 081
Spanish only    667 638 468 Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm.
Spanish only    670 841 925 Evenings & Weekends.
Publicity only 922 752415


Mikey K9

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Friday, April 23, 2010

CoastFm's newest recruit Jessie

Thanks very much CoastFm for mentioning Tenerifedogs. What a wooftastic radio station..!

Here is Coastfm's newest recruit Jessie

 To find out more about Jessie and how she found her new home with DJ Leah Farrell click here

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here's a true life tale about a newly qualified police dog handler and his first few days on the streets.  Tenerife dogs would like to thank the writer of this story for his contribution...


These were the words ringing in my ears as I took to the streets as a new Police dog handler. The dog I had had from the age of 3 months was now a large 14 month old ready for anything after we had completed and passed our 13 week initial course in general duties.
It didn't get any better than this as I put the dog in the marked van and drove out of the nick for the first time to start our tour of duty with a silly grin on my face.

All the hard work had paid off, tripping over the dog and treading on his feet and being bitten for my troubles whilst doing heel work. Tangling the tracking line and burning my hands on it whilst tracking, loosing my voice while giving distance commands, being fined for putting the chain round the dogs neck the wrong way and generally being cold, wet, tired, dirty and at times more than a little frustrated wondering why can't dogs speak English it would make it so easy!
Yes, it had paid off big time. Ever since I saw an episode of 'Z. Cars' when police dog 'Blackie' had been killed I had wanted to do this. And here I was living the dream.

Our first few days were uneventful. I was quite thankful as It gave me and the dog time to adjust from a strict training regime to a normal working one. It was mid November and we were working the late shift 2pm to 10pm. Our first real call was to a missing patient from a local mental Hospital. The Hospital was in a fairly rural area hence the need for the dog. It was already dark and cold and as we commenced the search the rain started to come down. I had already made enquiries with the staff and ascertained that the missing person had been seen by another patient walking down a path that lead out into the countryside. I followed the path to a gate where I tacked the dog up with his tracking harness and line. The track, if there was one would have been about two hours old which for a novice dog was quite old.

The dog however quickly picked up a track. This was the first real track the dog and I had ever had. I was amazed at the speed and power of the dog as it lunged forward on the track literally ripping the 40 ft line through my hands. The difference between training and real life! Something I never tired of in the 18 years of my dog service. The track went on for about 500 yards then came to an abrupt stop. I marked the point where I lost the track and tried casting the dog again and again but to no avail.

We were on a single dirt track, to my left was a small hedge and nothing but open fields to my right. The wind was blowing from right to left.
This is where I made my first mistake and learnt my first and most important lesson. I subconsciously decided that the missing person was to my right. Even though the dog, who was now back on his lead was facing to the left and had no interest in the right. I pushed him again and again to the right, in to the wind, but he wasn't having any of it, he just kept turning to the left. I think now, looking back, what confused me was the dogs lack of zeal. He just stood there. If there was someone to my left I would have expected him to indicate in some way. Again the difference between training and real life. Plus I think the hedge not only made a barrier on the track but also in my mind. As well as my own inexperience.

I had wandered down the track for some time now hoping to pick up the track again. But as time went on it got colder. I became more and more worried for the patient. The rain had stopped but there was a real risk of hyperthermia. I decided to ask for help. It was sent in the form of a helicopter!. I slowly walked back to the point I had marked on the track where I had lost the track and feeling slightly dejected waited.
I resorted to the use of my torch. I could see very little (You may ask why I didn't use my torch before, well some people don't want to be found and the use of my torch would give my position away).

I now heard the sound of the helicopter and I waited for it's imminent arrival. I then, for some reason decided to let the dog off the lead so he could 'take a leak'. Without any rush or excitement he pushed his way through the hedge, I was torn between watching him and the sight of the 'Night Sun' that was now shining brightly from the helicopter which was quickly approaching my position.
I then turned to my dog who I saw in the glow of the 'Night Sun' was sitting by a white shape some 25 yards in to the field on my left. I quickly sent a message over the air "Patient Found"...... well I wanted the credit to go to my dog!!
I ran to the dog and sure enough he was sat next to the female patent. She was soaking wet and very very cold. I summoned assistance and in a very short time she was in A&E receiving treatment.

This was the most important lesson I ever had and I am thankful I learnt it early on and no one suffered while I was learning it. This lesson served me and my dogs well. The Four dogs I went on to handle saved three peoples lives, arrested many many criminals and recovered 100,000's of pounds of property. Training the dog is the easy part. Training the handler though! that's hard.

'A Dog Handlers Story'.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Basil's New Wooftastic Staircase

I am getting on a bit (I am 12 years old) having a few problems jumping up, so Nikki thought it would be a good idea to have a staircase built so I am able to get up on the sofa.

Training is going well, and I am getting lots of biscuits if I step on my new staircase. Though she hasn't cotton on yet that I am quite capable of going up a few stairs on my own without instruction, but I am not telling her as I wouldn't get extra biscuits otherwise.

The staircase was made by Tony Tufft ( Joiner and Carpenter)  If you would like a wooftastic staircase like mine ring Tony on 628859973

I think my staircase is very stylish and doesn't intrude into the room too much either. Also I am told the staircase is very competitively priced, but I don't deal with the money side of things leave that to Nikki..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Agility Event Icod March 10th

Here are some great photos taken by Shelley Stevens of the Agility Event in Icod. Club Agility of Tenerife organised the event. Looked like a wooftastic day.
Shelly Stevens one of the organisers would like to set up an event in the South. I think it would be a great idea. If anybody reading this has a location they could lend Shelley for the day please contact and she will pass your message on.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Surfing Dog

Check out this cool surfing dog -

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)
The subject of Heartworm (known as Filaria in Tenerife) is one that comes up time and time again amongst dog owners.It is a parasite which is not prevalent in the UK due to the climate, however, sadly here in Tenerife it is a widespread threat.

There are ways to prevent it though, orally, topically and via injection, which I have listed below:
The injection method is probably the easiest and most effective. It lasts for a year and is ultimately much cheaper than the other 2.
The most common oral treatment is “Cardotek” which is administered on a monthly basis. These are tasty meat flavoured tablets so your pooch will wolf them down!
Then the topical method - Several flea and tick spot on treatments now cover Heartworm as well as a range of other parasites.
It is my personal belief, however, that a product that claims to treat too many things cannot possible be as effective as a parasite specific treatment.

To give you a little bit of an insight into it - Heartworm, or Filaria, is transmitted by mosquito bites. The mosquito acts as the host for the larval stage of the worm (microfilaria).
This then penetrates the dog's skin and travels through the body to the heart. These grow, infesting the chambers on the right side of the heart and the arteries in the lungs. The Heartworm itself can reach up to 12 inches in length which is one heck of a long worm!
Unfortunately a sudden infestation can kill the dog instantly as it can block the heart and blood vessels – luckily this doesn’t happen very often, but if your dog is elderly or in poor health it does run a higher risk.

The female Heartworm produces thousands of live young each day – these then stay in the bloodstream of the dog for up to 3 years. It is a frightening parasite and more so because it can remain silent for some time until symptoms start to become apparent.

These symptoms include coughing, weightloss, apathy. Over time the dog may start to cough up blood and breathing is hindered. Obviously, if your dog is showing any of these signs you mustn’t instantly come to the conclusion of “its life threatening”, but do see your Vet to discount anything nasty.
It is a traumatic progression and, if caught too late, can be untreatable.

If you have not treated your dog for Heartworm then you can get them tested quickly and cheaply at your Vet. A small drop of blood is taken and the results are almost instant. It would then be advisable to begin prevention (or sadly in some cases, cure).

Our four legged furry friends are important to us and so we want to ensure they are kept in the best health possible.

This post was written by Steph Tufft Veterinary assisitant, dog trainer and groomer see Steph's website here..

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aktiontier Dog Show 2010

What a wooftastic day was had by all at the Aktiontier charity dog show and swimsuit show - It was a very good turn out and it was great fun to see the rescue dogs strut their stuff.  
Karen Clack kindly organised the raffle and donated a voucher for a horse riding lesson at her stables. Steph Tufft veterinary assistant and groomer kindly donated a grooming voucher..  
First prize for Miss Perro went to  'Dorle' and her owner Mrs Hatting
First prize for Mr Perro went to 'Cisco' and her owner Katrin

Miss Perro 'Dorle' and her owner Mrs Hatting

To see more pics click here

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Monday, April 12, 2010

K9 News

A Night at the Races was  held at the Starlights Cabaret Bar in Lower Coral Mar Square, Costa Del Silencio, last night. Though only a couple of dozen punters attended, those that did were very generous and an enjoyable night was had by all. The night had been arranged by Chrissy & Mark from the Great British Chippy, with assistance from Gareth at Starlights Bar and many others (you know who you are, thankyou).
There was the usual tombola, book stall, and several raffle prizes kindly donated by K9 supporters and friends. Winning horse owners also received great prizes and there were many happy faces leaving the event in the early hours of this morning, laden with all sorts of goodies. Smirnoff shares must have peaked this last couple of days!

The stew and crusty bread supper was in keeping with Chrissy’s usual high standard
€600 was raised which will go some way in paying the vets bills and pet food of the 80 plus dogs and 20 cats at the kennels. The K9 officers and committee appreciate the hard work that goes into fundraising and thank once again so many people who made the evening a success, both socially and financially.

The next planned event is at the same venue on Tuesday 11th May when a Gala Charity Evening of Entertainment is being held.

Mike Edwards will compere and Mandy will do her usual excellent job in taking care of the sound system. Starring Cy Benson, Rosemary Eden, Christine Kaye, Charlie Hodge as Neal Diamond, John Ashford as Buddy Holly and Jesse Garon as himself, it promises to be another excellent night.
It all gets underway at 8pm and the €5 entrance fee also includes supper provided by Gareth. There will be the usual tombola, book stall, auction and raffle, with many excellent prizes once again. There will also be K9 t shirts and key rings for sale.
Guests are invited to bring along a tin of dog or cat food, biscuits or treats for the 4 legged guys back at the kennels.

It is possible to reserve a table by contacting Gloria on 639 028 034 or by calling in at the Starlights Cabaret Bar.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aktiontier "Animal protection" Education Program for School Children

Marion Gonzalez (Director of Aktiontier) showing a drawing made by one of the school children

I recently visited Aktioniter and listened to their education program for children. The school children attending were from El Luther King.  Marion the Director of Aktiontier first of all showed the children around the dog shelter starting with the kennels and the agility area. The children then listened to a volunteer in their inhouse surgery, he explained the anatomy of a dog, health issues and the importance of having your dog micro chipped.
Children walking towards Aktiontier buiding

The Vet explaining about micro-chipping

Marion helping a child over the dog agility ramp

sitting in circles in the puppy area...

Marion then talked to the children about how to look after your dog and responsible ownership ie making sure you take out your dog for regular walks clean up after your dog and make sure the dog is groomed properly etc... A quiz was then set for the children to see how much information they remembered from the morning  and a prize was then given.

Marion explaining to the children about responsible dog ownership

It was a wonderful morning and the children really enjoyed the talks and of course its a great fun way of  teaching children to learn and respect animals. Hopefully the important information provided by the Aktionier volunteers will be remembered when they are adults.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dodo a rescue dog

Dodo a rescue dog who needs a loving home, is currently being looked after by Trisha and her husband his foster carers. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances Trisha and her husband are no longer able to look after Dodo so if anybody would like to offer a foster home or indeed adopt Dodo please Tel Trisha on 922 729 365

I would just like to say though it is really unfortunate for the poor dog that another foster carer needs to be found and possibly he will need to go back to a refuge, but at least he has had some vet treatment and sometime away from a shelter.

Tenerife dogs would like to thank Marion who is  currently working her socks off to find a home for Dodo. Marion and her husband come out on holidays to Tenerife regularly take dogs for walks from the rescue shelters and transport pooches to the vet. 

Here's a video of Dodo

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K9 Gala Event Tuesday May 11th


Kindly providing their services and talents are
Mike Edwards, Rosemary Eden, Cy Benson, Jesse Garron,
Christine Kaye plus Charlie Hodge as Neil Diamond and
John Ashford as Buddy Holly.

Entrance is €5 at the door which includes a buffet.
There will be Raffles, Tombola, Video/Book Stall  plus an Auction.

To reserve a table contact Gloria on 639 028 034 or call in at the Bar

All proceeds to K9 & Friends of the Animals.

Please bring a tin of food or treat for the dogs & cats at the kennels.


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashion Reporter

Tenerife dogs are considering interviewing this pooch to fill a vacancy as fashion reporter - what do you think..?

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