Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accion-Del-Sol Walkies 4th of Sept..!

Coming up soon..... Evening Seafront walk in aid of the doggies at Accion-delSol

Location: Meet at Los Cristanos Harbour car park at 6.45
Start Time: ‎7:00PM Sunday, September 4th

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poochies Pet Hotel has new owners

Mark, Alice and Gizmo

We went to visit the new owners of Poochie's Pet Hotel this morning. Alice and Mark greeted us at the gate giving me a friendly pat on the head. They were very careful to put away the bigger doggies before they opened the gates, which was very good, I appreciated that :)

Nikki and Richard had a coffee and chat and I had a play with a mad Yorkshire terrier mix. Alice and Mark have been working with the previous owners of Poochies (Pete and Kate) through the summer, so know what running a Doggy Hotel is going to entail, and they have plenty of enthusiasm and of course it goes without saying Alice and Mark love dogs.

I wish Alice and Mark every success with running Poochies and look forward to staying there soon :).

Good bye Pete and Kate you will be sadly missed by many people and dogs on Tenerife. All the very best of luck with your new life :)

Ring Alison or Mark on 661 099 365 if you would like to book your pooch in for a stay..

Check out the post on the Red Queen's blog about Poochie Pet Hotel's new owners

Friday, August 19, 2011

Alfie needs a Home..!

Alfie is one and half years old he is micro-chipped and has a passport.
Alfie loves to play and have his belly scratched and is affectionate... Loves to play with other dogs, doesn't growl or bark and never bites.

Phone Gemma 654606396 0r Paul 654605174 if you are interested in adopting Alfie

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beep, beep Auto needs a home !

Written by Hazel Eames - K9
Auto was around 4 months old when he came to K9, back in July 2008. He was found by the TF1 junction at Las Chafiras with a collar and lead attached. You would think he was actually a lost dog but no-one came looking for him. So he has grown up in the kennels, whatever happened to him in that first 4 months has stuck, as he is very shy with new people, especially with men. He also has a problem with new dogs and will be the first to attack. Over his time at K9 he has been paired up with various kennel mates and seen them go to new homes.
He is currently with Roberta, his kennel mate for more than a year now (also looking for a home). He loves to go walking and is very good off the lead, Roberta loves to run about but Auto only runs and plays for a little bit and then stays nearby. Auto is a special dog and will need a very loving and caring home, can you help. He will need patience but with time will grow to love you and be a very good companion. It would be best for him to be in a one dog family although with time and effort will pair with a female. We are hoping that Auto’s Story will touch the heart of someone, who will be willing to give him a chance.
If you can help, please contact K9 667 638 468, or email info@k9tenerife.com.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gizmo doing his homework

Here's a photograph of me studying , I can't leave it all too Nikki and Richard to do, that wouldn't be fair. !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How cute are these little guys..!

These pups, Rio and Ria male and female need a home they are currently staying at Poochie Pet Hotel.
Pete says they will probably be small to meduim sized.

Ring Pete or Kate if you are interested in giving these guys a home. 661099365 poochiespethotel@hotmail.com

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Happy Tail of a pooch called Mercedes


Written by Manuela...
Mike and I had been doing some research into Doggie T-Shirts as a potential new line for our printing business so we decided to go to a pet shop in Los Cristianos to see what’s available at the moment. Whilst at the shop we spotted some puppies in cages and had a look at them, they were soooo cute. Thinking nothing of it, we could not get one of the puppies out of our minds and we started talking about the potential of having a dog again. (We had a dog many years ago but didn’t replace him after he went.

We then decided rather than to get a puppy we should adopt a dog from a Refuge and we started trailing the internet searching K9 and Tier Aktion and a few others. We spotted her photo in the Tier Aktion Facebook Adoption Section and fell in love straight away but because TA are not open on Sundays (and it was Saturday) I got in touch via Facebook stating my interest in ‘Celeste’ the name given to Mercedes by TA and that we would come on Monday during their opening hours and please not to give her to anyone else. We drove up at 3pm and asked just for her. 

She was the most gorgeous sweet thing we’d ever seen and took her out for a walk around the Shelter and decided to take her home straight away. According to Marion at Tier Aktion, Mercedes had been found walking on the streets of San Miguel and she had been at the shelter for about 6 weeks and were were told she is about 2 years old..

 She has brought so much life and love into our family, words cannot describe it. She comes everywhere with us and is a true companion. We are looking forward to many years of happiness with her.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a thought..!

Here's a suggestion that might help people to adopt a dog from one of the rescue shelters  ...

Gizmo, my own rescue pooch, has a bad habit of barking at strangers he meets on a walk. We're not really sure what in his history caused this, but we're hoping that we can reverse it (any suggestions gratefully received !).*

Recently I met Dominique Doring , a dog trainer who is currently working at K9, and she's helping us try and change Gizmo's bad behaviour and overcome his anxiety. That's what  prompted this post ...

I think that it would be wooftastic if  the shelters here could could team up with a dog trainer, or at least be able to recommend one to people who have adopted a dog.

Of course not every rescue pooch comes with problems, but some abandoned dogs do have issues. So it would be great to have the back-up of a dog trainer if the going gets tough, and the new owner is thinking that they might have to return the dog to the shelter.

It may only take a few sessions with a qualified trainer before the rescue dog gets over his problem, or at least the new owner can see signs of improvement.  Then the woofer is given longer to settle in, and doesn't immediately get 'banged up' back in the cages at the shelter.

So, I think that if the rescue shelters could work more closely with a dog trainer it would give people a back-up if problems do occur, and perhaps lead to fewer dogs being returned.

* ps Gizmo's says "it's not my fault, I'm just a bit shy :-)"

Monday, August 1, 2011

Five puppies have been saved from death !

Five puppies have been saved from death by Regina of Madat (Manos Amigos de Los Animales de tenerife) and Guido a kind volunteer. Ring this number 674718361 (Guido) if you would like to adopt any of these dogs ..