Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Manos Amigas de Los Animales De Tenerife

I visited a new rescue shelter on Sunday, Manos Amigas De Los Animales De Tenerife in Charco del Pino. I was greeted at the gate by Regina and Dominique who run the shelter and four happy dogs .

Dominique Whitby with a rescue pup


Manos Amigas is a small refuge offering shelter for 20 dogs and 50 cats. Dominique explained to me that this is the maximum number they can safely manage and take proper care of. That definitely sounds like a sensible approach.

The aim of refuge is to offer shelter to those animals who for one reason or another cannot remain in a normal refuge, for example, injured animals requiring special care. Traumatized dogs and cats, which have been mistreated and need careful, patient and loving handling.

Dominique is a trained veterinary nurse and her knowledge obviously is very useful, when any of the animals are sick.

The shelter is still in process of being built. Tony Tufft is constructing the kennels. A kind benefactor donated money for the kennels to be built.

MADAT often finds homes for dogs in Germany read about Tarzan's 'Happy Tail' story click here. Dominique and Regina are always on the look out for flight escorts, please click here for more information
At the moment there are some puppies at the shelter , ( see pics) if anyone is interested in adopting any of these cuties or any of the other dogs or cats and or would like to make a donation of dog or cat food please ring Regina on 669 668512. Regina speaks three languages German, English and Spanish.
Tenerife dogs wishes Dominique and Regina every success with their shelter . 

For more information about Manos Amigas visit their website. Click here.
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