Thursday, May 27, 2010

La Esperanza would appreciate donations of the following...

If you have any of the following you can donate to La Esperanza it would be much appreciated.

Dry Dog Food, Blankets, Towels, Dog Beds, Toys, Treats, Bowls, Buckets, Brushes, 

Collars, Leads, Kennels, Transport Boxes, Sunscreens, Parasols, Disinfectant; other cleaning products, materials, 

Cloths, Medication including Worming and flea stuff. 

All kinds of Building Material: Blocks, Wood, Cement, Roofs, Building Tools, Wall & Floor Tiles, please don't throw used ones away as they can be re used for more kennels.

tel: Marisa 0034 679161682

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  1. Was having a look on your website for the first time and was appalled at the poor dog found on Los Cristianos roundabout. I hope that someone knows who the owner is and he or she can be prosecuted.
    A word to anyone who looks on the Peta website regarding the Chinese fur farms LOOK AT IT GET YOUR FRIENDS TO LOOK AT IT AND GET THEIR FRIENDS TO LOOK AT IT. I did many months ago and have had nightmares ever since. Bet they wouldn't like it if we did that to their Pandas. Dogs and Cats are NOT a commodity they are our friends and companions. China has a lot to answer for regarding animal cruelty and pressure should be brought to bear to stop this intolerable situation.