Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stone in my bladder !

On Sunday I really was not feeling well. I couldn't do my pee pee's and it really hurt when I tried. So Nikki decided to take me to the vet, just as well because I was in a bad way . I had to have my pee pee syringed out. Not very pleasant but necessary as otherwise the toxins would build up in my blood and possibly my bladder would burst and I would die.

The next day more X-Rays were taken and it was discovered that I have a stone in my bladder. I have been given a special diet to help reduce the size of the stone plus antibiotics and hopefully I will not require surgery.

The vet doesn't know why I have a stone as I am a young dog and this occurs more in older doggies.

So all you doggie owners out there if you see your dog having trouble having a pee pee , take it seriously, especially if he or she is in pain while trying to pee pee and there is no urine coming out or very little. Please take your pooch to a vet immediately ! If you leave it too long your doggie's bladder can burst !

Here is an X-ray of approximately where my stone is..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gizmo needs a home !

Don't worry mis amigos I am not looking for a new home. I have a wooftastic family and I am not going anywhere !  No it's this little chap in the photo who is also called Gizmo , he hasn't had much luck poor fella. His first owners gave him up, after bringing him over from the UK. Then Gizmo's owners later adopted two puppies!. Which just makes me barking mad!

The story is not over yet though. Gizmo then gets adopted by two humans who now have to give him up because the place they are moving too doesn't take dogs. Steph Tufft has met Gizmo and she says he is a little character and completely unfazed with Steph's larger dogs.

So if anyone reading this fancies giving Gizmo a home he deserves. Afterall he is called Gizmo so is bond to be incredibly loveable and intelligent,etc,etc. Call Steph on
628 859 973

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cars needed to help animals affected by fires

More cars are needed on July 28th to help the animals affected by the fires. Please go to link below to find out more. There will be a meeting point in Santa Cruz.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Attention Tenerife Fires and animals..!

A number of animal welfare organizations have requested that the authorities advise owners who are affected by the forest fires, to release their animals if they cannot rescue or move them.

They are worried about the large number of farms in the affected areas and the speed with which the fire is advancing.

The refuges advise not to leave animals locked up, tied or inside in a kennel or your home, if they are let loose, their  instinct will tell them to flee from the flames.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Benson and Phoebe

Benson and Phoebe need a home contact K9 Tenerife if you would like more information.
Kennels - 608 121 081

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Extract from book 'Nobody's Poodle'

Here is an example of one of the many wonderful drawings by talented artist Annie Chapman which will appear in the finished book.

... this reminds me of a hard lesson that I've had to learn about cats. Now, I know I said that cats are "pants" ... but for my well-being, and the cats', it's a mistake to think that I could simply chase all the pesky critters right off the planet. Its just not possible, and actually it's not even healthy for us dogs to declare war. Chasing them is wooftastic sport - yes, but though it pains me to say it:  we do have to live together in relative harmony.

I'm reminded of a quote from that great canine philosopher, Snoopy: "Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I feel very peculiar. I feel like I've just got to bite a cat ! I feel like if I don't bite a cat before sundown, I'll go crazy ! But then I just take a deep breath and forget about it. That's what is known as real maturity." And to that, I'd just add: 'real wisdom'. I always try to keep this in mind when I see one of them fekin moggies sneering down at me from the neighbour's wall.

Anyhow, Trev's mood changed when I put my paw on his arm. He seemed to understand what it meant. He laughed ruefully, and his voice changed: "Honestly Gizmo, anyone would think that you can really understand everything I've been saying."

This was actually quite amusing for me as well. Had he only just realised: we did understand each other. Of course we did. Maybe not in the conventional human way, with words, but he certainly understood the point of my paw gesture, and I understood what he'd been telling me - from the music of his voice, the looks into my eyes, and his tears. We were communicating perfectly, with emotions, rather than words.

As I say, it's funny really. On the one hand, humans don't think us woofers can understand a word they're saying, but then, on the other hand, they expect us to come running as soon as they call our names; or not to lick that tasty horse shit when they tell us what it will do to your stomachs. We can chew bones, but not their slippers, and when they explain this, they expect us to understand and obey.

Hey, Trev even used to talk to me about his problems with Sharon. "I'm in the dog house again" he'd say to me, as he took me for my morning walk. "'Er Indoors is giving me grief again", and he'd go on for the next fifteen minutes about it, when all I really wanted was for him to let me off the lead and throw a ball for me to chase. Right, OK then, I'm a Man's Best Friend, so I'll listen to his tales of woe about 'Er Indoors, but they really should make up their minds about this, and decide whether we can understand their lingo or not.

Your average family pooch isn't bothered about any of this. Basically he'll just suit himself, and only really respond to commands when he feels like it, or when biscuits are involved. However, I'm a bit different. I think I've already mentioned that I'm a highly intelligent super-sophisto woofer. When it comes to understanding difficult stuff like this, I'm the mutt's nuts, the dog's danglies. So, as I've explained, I can communicate directly using state-of-the-art canine communications: gestures, sounds, smells and emotions.

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