Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to do if you need to take your dog back to the UK from Tenerife:

No matter how much you might convince yourself that you will never leave this island, sometimes situations are beyond your control. If you have a dog then it is best to be prepared, after all, why leave you best mate behind when it is so easy to take them with you now?

In order to get your dog into the UK you will need to ensure they are microchipped and have their annual vaccination up to date (this is the one which covers Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza). Also you will need to have vaccinated them against Rabies AND carried out the blood test.
There is a 6 month period from the date the blood is taken for testing where the dog is not allowed to set foot on UK Soil. (They can be flown back in this time however they will be immediately quarantined at the other end for however long remains). Once you have had the initial blood test you WON'T need to keep this up each year. As long as the Rabies vaccination is administered over here annually on exactly the same date or shortly before, the blood test need not be done again. So, as long as you have seen to all of the above prior to the decision to move, there is no reason why your dog can’t travel with you.

When it comes to actually leaving, be sure to obtain an Airline Approved Container which allows the dog to stand and turn inside it, also ensure that the airline does actually accept dogs (if you wish to take them on the same flight as you). Twenty to forty eight hours before flying, the dog will need to see the vet for one final check up to ensure he is healthy enough to travel and has been de-flead and wormed.
So, be sure to take your fluffy friend with you if you return to the UK. As long as you are prepared, they are just as welcome on board the plane as you are. 

Written by Steph Tufft - Dog Groomer and Trainer -Ring on 628859973 website for appointment

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