Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dali a pup who was found in a cave...

Introducing Dali who was born on 21/10/2010 in a cave in the Charco del Pino area. He was very weak and severaly dehydrated. Whilst his sisters and brother were taken to the MAdAT shelter he went to a foster home. He was ill for awhile but his fighting spirit shone through and he recovered.

He now is a handsome 3 month old and has appointed himself as the "guardian" of the 4 little pups that were dumped (at 20 days old) in a cardboard box at a vets door and are now being cared for in the same foster home.

Dali loves playing with humans, dogs and the cat, going for walks and cuddling up.

Who has a basket waiting for this little man in their loving home?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accion-del-sol has now formed a collaboration with Arona...

Press release submitted by Karen Clack

 Marion Gonzalez (director of accion-del-sol) and the Major signing the agreement

The " Centro de Protección animal y medioambiental de Tenerife " better known as “Acción del Sol” from the German charity Aktion tier has now formed a collaboration with Arona which commences on the 25th of January 2011. “Acción del Sol” when it opened 5 years ago was a pilot project for the south of Tenerife giving first a home to... about 200 dogs who had to leave Arico. Some of these older dogs are still at the refuge and would love new homes but people always prefer the cute little pups or smaller dogs. 
The town hall of Granadilla de Abona has official rules and strategies that need to be inforced, with the conclusion of signing up with Aktion tier. Due to the success, good understanding of animal welfare the town halls San Miguel de Abona and Guia de Isora joined in the same way and with the same conditions. The town hall of Arona has followed “Acción del Sols” success over the years and realised that they also need to raise there profile and collaborate. Legislation has become more prominent with the ever increasing numbers of abandoned and mistreated dogs. 

When the dogs arrive at Acción del Sol two vets will treat them for any injuries or illness. They also will be defleed, bathed, wormed, micro chipped, sterilised or castrated, pass ported, inoculated, fed and cared for, socialised and then rehomed. Acción del Sols policy is to rehome as many dogs as possible to new loving homes either here or in Germany. Accion Del Sol is always looking for people that are travelling too Germany to act as hosts and travel with a rescue dog. Please contact the refuge on 922778630 if you would like to help. 

The refuge is preparing to double its intake of dogs over the next year so therefore more rehoming is vital as well as help and support from the public. If you would like to help the refuge in anyway then please call 922778630, they would very much welcome, dog toys, sheets and towels anything what helps for a better life for the dogs. We are also collecting, furniture big or small, household goods, bric a brac, clothes etc to enable us to raise via Tenerife Auction Rooms and Car boot sales much needed funds to help with the enormous costs of running the refuge.

A few dates for your diary, our next big fund raising event will be on the 10th of April which will be our Spring party, more information to follow shortly.
Due to the huge success of last years Teide Challenge we are repeating this sponsored event again on the 20th of May, anyone that would like to partake then please contact Karen on 687905511 for more information.
We also have our Pets Portrait Competition in conjunction with The Tenerife Forum CLICK HERE, please do submit pictures of your pets which will end in an exhibition and competition.

The refuge is open Monday- Friday 3-6pm and it is situated at exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER, the Eólica Windmill park for new energy. Granadilla Póligono Industrial Estate.
Please do take the time to visit Acción del Sol; it is a first class refuge where the care of the dogs is second to none. Together we can help to ease the chronic situation here in Tenerife, the dogs have suffered enough, now is the time for change. Together we can make a difference to animal welfare here in Tenerife if we all work together to improve the situation for the dogs.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Information on how to complain about a barking dog in your complex

Some dogs unfortunately woof too much and can annoy people living in a complex, usually this is due to the fact that their owners are out all day and they never get taken for a walk so are bored and frustrated. Obviously this is not much consolation if you are on the receiving end of 24 hour barking...!

if you are annoyed by barking read the following...

1. Go to the president and make an official complaint

2. Go to the the administrator of the complex and they will send a warning letter to the owners of the dog. 

If this doesn't work, you will have to lodge an official complaint to your area ,with a letter from administrator and evidence ie,photos or recordings

There is some information on the Ayuntamiento website about how animals legally should be kept and looked after

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cat Massage..!

Agree with the pup in the video not sure if I would want a cat to massage my rear end, its just not right...!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Love and Peace'

'Love and Peace' to all the doggy rescue shelters and animal foster carers on Tenerife..:) Just don't forget its better to make love than war..So be nice to each other, the stray doggies on Tenerife need you to be working together not against each other

Going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment one day I am tough/bad dog next day I am peace love-ing hippy dog...
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Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Tough/Bad Dog Look..!

My new look, I'll try anything to get those cats out of my garden as you have probably read in a previous post, those felines sure cause me a great deal of angst.

Do you think I look scary ..? or maybe I look too scary I don't want to upset the cats too much. I also don't want to really have a bad dog reputation...

Life is difficult sometimes, trying to get the right balance.

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Obsessive Barking

Obsessive Barking -
Written by Caz Irving

Dogs communicate by using ten different types of sound, ranging from whimpering to growling.
Barking is normal and a very useful means of communication, in excess it can be a nuisance for the humans who live in the dog’s pack, and for their neighbours.
When a dog barks, owners very often respond by shouting in order to silence the dog. The dog assumes the owners are barking too, so they continue undeterred and very often louder. Other dogs find their owners give them attention when they bark.
Here are some examples
1) A dog barks in a car due to being excited, the owner shouts at them to be quiet but the dogs hears them barking back so continues to bark, the owner shouts louder, the dog continues to bark but gets louder as there is now a barking game between the owner and dog.
2) A dog starts barking when the postman comes to the door, the postman delivers the letters and leaves. The dogs sees this as they have done a great job in chasing them away, not realising they didn‘t want to come in anyway! This is reconfirmed every day and also when people pass the front of the house.
3) A dog barks when it hears people passing by and the owner tells them to be quiet, the dog soon learns when they bark they get the owners attention. Their barking now becomes obsessive and they learn to exploit this to the point where the dog barks at nothing at all, just to get a response from the owner.
The golden rule when trying to modify any behaviour problems is Ignore the behaviour you don’t want to see and Praise the behaviour you do want.
One of the simplest ways of stopping your dog from barking is to teach them to bark on command. Start by finding a way of getting your dog to bark out of excitement in a controlled situation for example, have someone hold the end of your dogs lead and with a little friendly teasing with a toy or food try and get your dog to bark. When they do lots of praise and use the command ‘speak’ try to read your dog giving the command ‘speak’ just as they are about to bark. Once you have reached the point when they bark on command you want to teach the command ‘quiet’. This is done whilst the dog is barking, give the command ‘quiet’ and produce a toy or titbit. The dog will soon learn it is rewarding to stop barking on command.
What can I do to correct my dog's barking problem?
1) Ensure that the dog is not being rewarded inadvertently.  Some owners in an attempt to calm their dog down will actually encourage the barking by giving attention, play, food or affection.
2) Sometimes the home environment can be modified so that the dog is kept away from the stimuli (sounds and sights) that cause barking.  Exposure might be minimised by confining the dog to a cage or room away from doors and windows, alternatively windows might be covered so that the dog cannot look outside.  Solid private fencing may be helpful for dogs outdoors.  Dogs that bark when left alone outdoors may have to be kept indoors except when the owner is available to supervise. 
3) Once you have sufficient control and the dog responds to obedience commands and handling, it should be possible to train your dog to cease barking on command.  Over time the behaviour should be shaped so that the dog is required to stay quiet for progressively longer times, before a reward is given.
4) It may then be possible to begin a retraining programme in the presence of the stimuli (people, other dogs) that lead to barking. The stimulus should first be presented in a mild form to the dog from a distance (e.g. children riding bicycles slowly on the street while the dog stands well back), and the dog given a quiet or sit-stay command. Training sessions are then repeated with progressively more intense stimuli.  This type of training can be effective, but progress can be slow and time consuming.
5) Pets that are barking for other reasons e.g. fear, or separation distress will require treatment for the underlying problem.
How can barking problems be prevented?
Socialisation and habituation — get puppies used to as many new people, animals, situations and noises as possible.  This will minimise the amount or intensity of alarm barking.  Barking should only be allowed to alert owners and then be controlled and stopped before the dog becomes agitated and out of control.  Owner control, training and leadership are essential.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

anti-bark collars !

Anti- bark collars, they should be re-named 'torture collars' !.
Nikki had to remove one of these collars off a pooch recently as the dog was screaming in pain as in fact instead of the collar stopping the dog from barking it was increasing the woofing plus causing the dog considerable amount of distress and pain, the pooch was leaping about as if he was on hot coals..!

These collars let off a vibration when the dog barks, fine but after listening to the pooch barking for one afternoon plus another 3 hours in the morning I would say the collar is not working..!

What I don't understand is why don't people leave their dogs in their house not on the terrace when they go out that should reduce the woofing...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

San Francisco de los Animales - Dog Show

Fun Dog Show in Los Gigantes behind the Los Gigantes Hotel on Sunday 23rd Jan 2011.

Entry fee 15 euroes for one class 20 euroes unlimited classes.

Enquiries - Judith 922864102

In aid of animals rescued by the San Francisco de los Animales Santiago del Teide Branch. 

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accion-del-sol update

Written  by Karen Clack -

Well the festivities are over and so its back to concentrating on my voluntary work helping Accion Del Sol and the many dogs here on the island. 2010 was a good year for Accion Del Sol with over 350 dogs being brought in to the refuge by Protection Civil, almost 300 of those dogs have all been re homed either here in Tenerife or in Germany. 

Marion works extremely hard to rehome as many dogs as possible. At present there are over 160 dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds all looking for kind new loving homes. Every single dog in the refuge as soon as it comes to the refuge is sterilised or castrated, wormed, deflead, micro chipped, inoculated as necessary , pass ported , well fed and cared for and socialised so enabling them to be rehommed. 

Accion Del Sol is a first class refuge with superb facilities, they operate with 3 but soon to be 4 town halls which is a very positive step forward for the refuge. May I take this opportunity to remind the public that if you do find an abandoned dog on the street then please phone the police on 112, it is there responsibility to contact Protection Civil who will collect the dog and take it to the appropriate LEGAL refuge. There are laws in place here in Tenerife for stray and abandoned dogs so if you really want to help these animals then PLEASE follow the correct and legal procedure. Together we can make a difference ..

 Accion Del Sol is situated at Exit 52 on the TF1 directly next to the Eolica Parque, Poligono industrial estate , Granadilla, under the windmills. The refuge is open monday - friday 3-6 pm. Marion welcomes everybody to come and look around this amazing refuge and there are always lots of dogs that would love a walk ,brush or some play time. Please contact Marion on 922778630 for more information.

This year we have lots of events planned including our Pets Portrait competition in conjunction with The Tenerife Forum  Pets Portrait Thread  for more information if you would like to join in. In May we are again after the huge success of last year doing The Teide Challenge, for more information on either of these events, please contact Karen on 687905511. We also have spring, summer, autumn and a winter events in there planning stages , more info to follow shortly.

We also have our weekly fitness club with Danny Bryne a personal fitness trainer and our dogs, its fun, great exercise, chaotic at times but the dogs love it. Again please call us if you would like to join us.
Marion and myself are also starting to collect household items large or small, clothes, books, bric a brac and more, please contact us on either of the above numbers if you have any items that you would like to donate to the refuge so we can raise a euro or two towards the vast costs of running the refuge, and to enable us to help even more dogs here in Tenerife.
Many thanks in advance on behalf of Marion from Accion Del Sol dog refuge and myself.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bonito Perro gone missing...!

This handsome 7 month old dog has gone missing in Los Cristianos, she answers to Bellis, has a chip..

636298795 abraham
699192296 tamara
922-797582 alvaro

Se busca perrita golden de 7 meses, perdida en Los Cristianos

Responde al nombre de Bellis, tiene chip.

‎636298795 abraham
699192296 tamara
922-797582 alvaro
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pup urgently needs home..!

This pup urgently needs a home she is about two months old. If you are interested in giving her a home ring Beatriz on 646427007 . She will be a small doggie...

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

K9 - Tea and Cake Afternoon

Tea and Cake Afternoon

Come along for our Tea and Cake afternoon.

at James Brasserie Terrace, Island Village, St Eugenio

Sunday 30th January 2011, 2-4pm

Face painting, drawing for kids, pool available if warm enough
Raffles and Treasure Map.
All proceeds to K9

Call Kay for more information, 626 759 007

Remember to bring a tin or bag of dog food to any of the K9 Events :)

written by Mikey

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pogo the cat tests dogs' suitability

Pogo the cat helps out at the Dogs Trust, he decides if the dogs are suitable for life in homes with cats.
Click on link to view video.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The month of January - K9 2011 Calendar

Here's the puppy (Fiat) who stars in the month of January 2011 K9 Calendar. Fiat is looking for a home if anybody is interested in adopting him ring the K9 kennels. 626 759 007.

The photos in the Calendar were photographed by Nikki Attree 

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