Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopting a pooch is a big responsibility

Adopting a pup or an adult dog  is a big responsibility as most of you reading this blog realize.

So if you intend to adopt from a  dog refuge or adopt from a foster carer don't be upset if they ask you questions about your life style ie, how much time do you have for a pooch are you able to take the dog out for his toilet and excercise on a regular basis through the day ( dogs ideally don't like to left alone for more than 5-6 hours a day without a pee pee also dogs can get bored and can become destructive when left by themselves).

Other considerations on dog ownership, will you be able to afford to give the right innoculations and pay for pet insurance or vet bills incase of an accident or illness ? How often do you go away and can you afford dog hotels or do you have a friend that can look after your dog ?

The rescue shelters are not being mean when they ask these questions, it's just they don't want to see the dog being returned after a couple of weeks or months because the new owners haven't thought through the implications of owning a dog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kenia a 8 month pup needs a home

This pup needs a home, could this cutie become part of your family ..?

Please email if you are interested in Kenia. Or if you are on facebook message Simona Garcia. Simona is kindly fostering Kenia.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

An update on my injury

An update on my injury. The stitches are annoying me and I have to wear a stoopid lamp shade all the time ! but hey I am alive and I am walking. Though limping a bit, but I should be walking properly once the muscle has grown back in my leg . 

Nikki is giving me physio and massage 4 times a day so I should be back on my normal walkies in a month or two if all goes well :)

As most of you have probably heard a tropical storm is approaching - and lots of rain is predicated, so  make sure your pets are safe and can't escape from your home, terrace etc, because rain and wind can be scary for dogs living in Tenerife as us pooches are just not used to this kind of weather !

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wooftastic 2013 Refugio Fasnia Calendar

Sponsors are need for the Wooftastic and very classy black and white 2013 Refugio Fasnia Calendar - For a small donation your business ( or even a private individual) can sponsor a month in the calendar with your logo, advertising copy.
All profits from the calendar will go towards the ongoing costs of feeding and caring for the dogs at Refugio Fasnia. The photographer is Brian Arrocha and here is a taster of his wonderful photos and how the calendar will look. 
This calendar will brighten up anybody's wall throughout 2013.
For more details contact Ana Isabel Rodriguez Perez tel: 628673517

Friday, September 14, 2012

Snr Gizmo bitten by two dogs.. !

Unfortunately last week I was bitten by two dogs , my wound is serious but I am slowly healing . I am unable to have stitches until the wound has grown skin and the vet is sure that all the infection has disappeared.

I would just like to say to all you pet owners its mucho important to have the emergency number of a vet in your mobile etc , that lives close by. If something unfortunate does happen to your pet the last thing you want to do is start looking up on the internet for the emergency number of a vet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please protect your dog from Heartworm in Tenerife..!

Here is an extract from someone who witnessed a dog dying from heartworm written by Janet Rosemary Dickenson.
 ............Unable to sleep after hearing Amanda describe Nibavos last moments as he was gasping for breath, and blood extruding from his mouth as he choked to death, obviously in excrutiating agony, his eyes staring at Amanda for help (she will never forget that look)
 I decided to put this warning out that heartworm is a KILLER if not treated ! All dogs here (and cats) are vulnerable to this infestation of the heart usually from a flea bite and I have heard from ticks also (some of you out there will know much more about it than me...........there will be pet owners out there who won´t). 
Always have your pets checked for heartworm, it can be treatable however BETTER STILL prevention is simple. Ask your Vet about this as there are many products available to protect your animals from this terrible, terrible disease. The worms multiply in the heart blocking the arteries causing pain and breathlessness, eventually as we saw with Nibavo, coughing and wheezing , collapsing with exhaustion and as you´ve read earlier a horrible death (I´m lost for words of how to describe it)!

Please, please when you have read this, if you are not aware of this condition find out more from your vet and protect your precious pets. Pets need  regular monthly drop
s/tablets or a yearly injection against heartworm in Tenerife

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Extract from "I woof therefore I am"

Us dogs have always had our own methods for tracking things down. You humans use your clunky old computers when you want to search for something. Y'all think you invented stuff like the Worldwide Web, Google, e-mails, social networking ... but what you don't realise is that us woofers have had this sort of stuff for ages. Not many people know this, but in fact we invented the idea of sharing information via a network (we called it the 'SmellNet'), along with on-line messaging ('SmellMail'), social networking ('SmellBook'), and wi-fi ('Wiffy').

When I leave the house for my walkies, the first thing I do is log-on (or 'sniff-on' as we call it) at the nearest lamp-post. There are other places to go online of course: trees, curbs, walls. They are the doggy equivalent of an internet cafe: public wiffy spots where you can sniff-on, check out your mates in smell-space (our equivalent of cyberspace), and just hang out, chill, and look cool.

Then I pick up my smell-mails, see what's been happening on SmellBook, and catch up with all the latest news and gossip. Who's dating who; how is Hugo, the 'babe magnet' Yorkie dude*, getting on with his prescription diet; and is Luna the Bulldog* still arguing with Speedy G the Jack Russell*, over ownership of a bone they buried three months ago. They've been locked in a protracted disagreement that's been dragging for ages, and will probably end up in court. Bone ownership rights are always tricky to settle in Canine law.

Anyway, so now I've sniffed-on and checked out what's been happening in local smell-space, I might add a comment or perhaps a 'like' by leaving a bit of pee on the lamp-post. Then I usually mosey on down to the wall near the rubbish bins. The wiffy signal is especially good there, and it gets a lot of 'hits', so it's always a good place to sniff-on and reach a big audience.

Anyway, that's how us dogs have been keeping in touch since the dawn of history, and it's only taken you humans a few millennia to catch up. You reckon you invented language, you like to to talk about the 'word of mouth', and for the past few decades you've had your internet to spread the word, but us dogs have been woofing and using the 'power of smell' to deliver messages since ... well, as I said, the dawn of canine history.

(* they're all doggy characters in the book, but you'll have to be patient for a bit longer to learn more about these wonderful woofers ... not long to wait now !)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Press releaseTierra Blanca

The Refugio Fasnia has been created to provide a shelter for the more than 400 dogs that were recently moved from Live Arico.

The Tenerife Cabildo has designated the Canarian Federation of Animal and Plant Protection Associations, FECAPAP, to manage the centre, which needs all the help it can get right now, either with monetary donations or in kind, as the current circumstances do not leave much room to cover all the costs.

The dogs moved up in droves to the refuge, where they will develop their social skills under the supervision of experienced workers, as well as receive food, veterinary care, exercise, hygienic conditions and above all, love.

In Refugio Fasnia all the animals have secure lives and futures, but their primary objective is to find adoptive parents, responsible people who can give them a second chance under strict monitoring by us.

We want to raise awareness against abuse and neglect … Our hope is that someday the Fasnia Shelter, like many others, will have no reason to exist. In the meantime, FECAPAP will handle these dogs, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them, and then they will try to home them.

They have no help from any administration, and ask all those who want to contribute financially to enter their most welcome donations exclusively in the following account:
CUENTA CAJACANARIAS-CAIXABANK:  2065 0107 62 1400050373

ES80 2065 0107 6214 0005 0373