Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two female doggies need loving homes

Two female doggies (2-3 years old) need loving homes. One of the pooches is going to Germany via Live Arico :). Now there are two doggies left which need homes. As you will see by the photos, the doggies look a bit like me, though smaller so obviously are stunning !


As the law now has changed it is easier to send doggies to the UK so adopting a dog from Tenerife is much more feasible, so any UK readers please email if are you interested in adopting. One of the refuges in Tenerife in assocation with a Pet Hotel such as poochies pet hotel I am sure would help with the process of injections and putting the pooch on a plane.

More information about these doggies is also available on Tenerife Forum

Send an email if you are interested in adopting

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