Friday, October 9, 2009

AktionTier - Dog Rescue Shelter

Aktiontier Dog Rescue Shelter

I recently visited Aktiontier Dog Rescue shelter and was shown around by the Director Marion Gonzalez. The Centre is run by Marion and three part-time staff and volunteers.
Marion Gonzalez (Director )
Aktiontier Tenerife was open in July 2006 on the site of the 'Institute for renewable energy', Granadilla . The shelter has fantastic facilites for the doggies, up to date kennels, which are cleaned every day by the kennel staff, a large area for the dogs to run around in with agility equipment and a modern surgery for when the veterinary surgeon visits.

The dogs are certainly very well looked after at Aktiontier.Marion believes in educating the public about animals and particularly children, Marion explains... " If we educate the next generation about respecting animals then there is a chance that as adults they will be responsible pet owners. We regularly invite school groups to the centre so they can learn about the dogs and how the rescue centre works." The Director also organises events like the up coming event on November 29th for children and adults ‘Fun charity walk with a dog' . ( More information about this fund raiser will be posted at a later date.

Many of the dogs in the centre are transported to Germany to loving homes, but since animals can't travel alone, aktiontier needs people to travel with the dogs and are continually looking for willing helpers.If you would like to volunteer at the shelter or accompany a dog to Germany, please ring or email.And don't throw away your old towels or blankets the doggies at Aktiontier would appreciate them.Centro de protección animal y medioambiental de Tenerife Poligono Industrial de Granadilla, Parque Eólico de ITER 38611 San Isidro Tenerife Tel.0034/ 922778630 teneriffa@aktiontier.

The Surgery

Excercise area for the dogs with agility equipment

Waiting transport boxes for the dogs who are going to homes in Germany


AktionTier is open from 3pm to 6pm..


  1. Great article Nikki. I visited Marion and her team a couple of years ago and was very impressed with the facilities they have there.

    There were dogs of all shaped and sizes staying there at the time, from very tiny puppies through to the huge Canarian Pressa. All were treated in the same way with great respect by the team.

    They used to have a visiting vet, can't remember their name just now but they have surgeries in Adeje, San Isidro and the North.

    Look forward to hearing more about their events.

  2. Thanks Stephen,

    Yes they still have a visiting vet who checks over the dogs as they come in. Aktion-tier also has a policy of castration, helps to reduce the number of unwanted dogs on the streets.

  3. please can you tell me there opening times, many thanks.

  4. Hi to the poster above, Aktiontier are open from 3pm - 6pm 7 days a week.