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A year (and a bit) in the life of a K9 adoptee called Toto

Written by Mikey from K9 Tenerife...

A year (and a bit) in the life of a K9 adoptee called Toto

Hello everyone. Well it seems such a long time since I was with all my old friends at K9 and such a lot has happened - new home, new family, new country and lots of new friends, but I still think about you all and thought you might like to know about my life after K9.

As you know, I had a bit of a miserable start in life – born in a refuge, adopted but then brought back (because I chewed – still do that but only my toys!) I was ill for a time and thought I was not going to make it but the guys at K9 pulled out all the stops and I gradually got better. I was still not at my best when my Mum, Lynn, started to help walk the dogs at K9 but she saw something in me that she liked and I was very good with her so we enjoyed our walks together.
I must have made a good impression because suddenly I was in a new home in Tenerife and had not only a new Mum but a Grandad as well – Jack.
He took a bit longer for me to get to know as I was not terribly keen on men but we are now best buddies! I had my own comfy bed and lots of toys to chew my way through. I was on my best behaviour in my new home though – no accidents indoors! I had lots of walks and also had my own garden.

I really enjoyed my trips in the car and still visited K9 when my Mum walked the other dogs there – I stayed in the car to keep an eye on Grandad who cannot walk very well but also kept an eye out for my old friends to say hello. I learnt lots of things in Tenerife – how to chase a ball – meeting new people – eating new foods as well as having lots of treats.

I was settling in really well and getting to know my routine when, in January 2011, there was the biggest change ever to my life. I was taken to the vet and given some tablets – I did a bit of a widdle in the surgery as I was a bit nervous but I don’t think anyone noticed. The next thing I know, I was put in a large crate and went on a longish journey in a strange vehicle – I found out later it was an aeroplane and I was off to England. I met some nice people at Gatwick Animal Centre who made a fuss of me, but I was very pleased when my Mum and one of my girlies collected me. I was allowed straight home as I had my own passport but boy let me tell you it was ffffreeeezing! My new home is on the south coast of England but it was till very cold.
My new house seemed strange at first – it is a lot bigger than Tenerife and has more rooms. There are soft carpets in every room and it is lovely and warm inside compared with outside. I have my own bed in my cage again but also have a second bed in another room so that I can keep an eye on all my family.

Springtime was really warm. Grandad spends a lot of time in the garden and I have to join him to check he is OK, keep an eye out for foxes, squirrels and badgers – oh and play with my ball. It is warm work though and I have to cool off with a nice drink.
I am still a bit shy with new dogs and people but my Mum took me to a dog training class where I learnt to be a bit more confident with other dogs (although some of them were total fruitcakes at first) and the man who ran the class thought I was excellent at walking and fetch. One of my favourite times now is my daily walkies in the morning. We go through the wood by my house and then onto my favourite place – the recreation ground where I have a good play with my ball and meet up with my pals.
I then often walk back home with my best pals Poppy and Daisy but I have to keep an eye on Poppy as now and again she nicks my favourite ball.
I do have a busy life now. I have to go to the shops, the recycling centre etc with Grandad every day to keep an eye on him and guard the car. We also go to my Mum’s new craft shop in our village to take her lunch – I sometimes stand guard to vet who comes in.

Anyway, that’s all for now. In the meantime, I have to get on with choosing which ball to take with me today.

Take care all – we still think about you!


Its so nice to hear from doggies who have found happy homes - muchas gracias Toto for letting us know about your new life in the UK.
woof woof Gizmo

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