Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gizmo needs a home !

Don't worry mis amigos I am not looking for a new home. I have a wooftastic family and I am not going anywhere !  No it's this little chap in the photo who is also called Gizmo , he hasn't had much luck poor fella. His first owners gave him up, after bringing him over from the UK. Then Gizmo's owners later adopted two puppies!. Which just makes me barking mad!

The story is not over yet though. Gizmo then gets adopted by two humans who now have to give him up because the place they are moving too doesn't take dogs. Steph Tufft has met Gizmo and she says he is a little character and completely unfazed with Steph's larger dogs.

So if anyone reading this fancies giving Gizmo a home he deserves. Afterall he is called Gizmo so is bond to be incredibly loveable and intelligent,etc,etc. Call Steph on
628 859 973

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