Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please protect your dog from Heartworm in Tenerife..!

Here is an extract from someone who witnessed a dog dying from heartworm written by Janet Rosemary Dickenson.
 ............Unable to sleep after hearing Amanda describe Nibavos last moments as he was gasping for breath, and blood extruding from his mouth as he choked to death, obviously in excrutiating agony, his eyes staring at Amanda for help (she will never forget that look)
 I decided to put this warning out that heartworm is a KILLER if not treated ! All dogs here (and cats) are vulnerable to this infestation of the heart usually from a flea bite and I have heard from ticks also (some of you out there will know much more about it than me...........there will be pet owners out there who won´t). 
Always have your pets checked for heartworm, it can be treatable however BETTER STILL prevention is simple. Ask your Vet about this as there are many products available to protect your animals from this terrible, terrible disease. The worms multiply in the heart blocking the arteries causing pain and breathlessness, eventually as we saw with Nibavo, coughing and wheezing , collapsing with exhaustion and as you´ve read earlier a horrible death (I´m lost for words of how to describe it)!

Please, please when you have read this, if you are not aware of this condition find out more from your vet and protect your precious pets. Pets need  regular monthly drop
s/tablets or a yearly injection against heartworm in Tenerife

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