Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stone in my bladder !

On Sunday I really was not feeling well. I couldn't do my pee pee's and it really hurt when I tried. So Nikki decided to take me to the vet, just as well because I was in a bad way . I had to have my pee pee syringed out. Not very pleasant but necessary as otherwise the toxins would build up in my blood and possibly my bladder would burst and I would die.

The next day more X-Rays were taken and it was discovered that I have a stone in my bladder. I have been given a special diet to help reduce the size of the stone plus antibiotics and hopefully I will not require surgery.

The vet doesn't know why I have a stone as I am a young dog and this occurs more in older doggies.

So all you doggie owners out there if you see your dog having trouble having a pee pee , take it seriously, especially if he or she is in pain while trying to pee pee and there is no urine coming out or very little. Please take your pooch to a vet immediately ! If you leave it too long your doggie's bladder can burst !

Here is an X-ray of approximately where my stone is..

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