Sunday, September 2, 2012

Press releaseTierra Blanca

The Refugio Fasnia has been created to provide a shelter for the more than 400 dogs that were recently moved from Live Arico.

The Tenerife Cabildo has designated the Canarian Federation of Animal and Plant Protection Associations, FECAPAP, to manage the centre, which needs all the help it can get right now, either with monetary donations or in kind, as the current circumstances do not leave much room to cover all the costs.

The dogs moved up in droves to the refuge, where they will develop their social skills under the supervision of experienced workers, as well as receive food, veterinary care, exercise, hygienic conditions and above all, love.

In Refugio Fasnia all the animals have secure lives and futures, but their primary objective is to find adoptive parents, responsible people who can give them a second chance under strict monitoring by us.

We want to raise awareness against abuse and neglect … Our hope is that someday the Fasnia Shelter, like many others, will have no reason to exist. In the meantime, FECAPAP will handle these dogs, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them, and then they will try to home them.

They have no help from any administration, and ask all those who want to contribute financially to enter their most welcome donations exclusively in the following account:
CUENTA CAJACANARIAS-CAIXABANK:  2065 0107 62 1400050373

ES80 2065 0107 6214 0005 0373


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