Saturday, July 23, 2011

My lesson with Dominique - Dog Trainer

Well I had my first training session with Dominique, actually it was more Nikki really that needs the training. The session was quite hard work for me ( but fun ), concentrating on Dominique's commands, but I always got a biscuit for a reward. Dominique never shouted at me, her approach is training through a positive approach, body language and lots of eye contact and of course biscuits as a reward.

Dominique is hoping to work with more dogs at K9 so they have a better chance of being adopted and also increase the chance of the pooches staying with their new owners. I was very impressed so was Nikki with her approach , though its not over yet for me but Dominique gave Nikki some really good advise. I would definitely recommend Dominique to people who need some help with their pooches.

Ring Dominique on 680 578 601

Me relaxing after my lesson

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  1. You mean you are going to be even more adorable, Gizmo?! :=)