Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'A Happy Tail 'and Dog training

Dominique Doring a dog trainer has successfully found a home for a pup from K9. The little chap has began having his injections so he will be already to fly to his new home in September. His new owners are coming to Tenerife to pick him up.

The puppy hanging out with his temporary family

Dominique helps out at K9 with the dogs that have problems finding homes due to behavorial issues, Dominique says  " for example, a dog that seems aggressive is often just a nervous and frightened dog and needs the opportunity to feel safe. A dog that I was working with recently at K9 was an example of this, he was just frightened not aggressive and just needed sometime to gain confidence with people".

Gizmo is going to visit Dominique soon as though he is a very good boy is sometimes nervous of strangers when he is on a lead.

Dominique Doring can be contacted on 680 578 601

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