Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Basil

Basil's went to the vet on Saturday for another blood test and the toxins levels are all much lower. Except for the ones in his urine , but the vet is hoping that will improve when he goes back for another test on Monday. So he still isn't recovered yet, but its looking really good.!
(see his blood tests below)



What I have learnt from this, is obviously be really careful and don't let your dog chew on any rubbish when out walking - though of course that is easier said than done, as dogs often make a bee line for any food or dead animal that is disgusting and smelly.

Never let your dogs off the lead near restaurants as often they leave poison near their rubbish to kill the rats and cats !. Saying that though, where me and Richard  walked with Basil there are no restaurants and not to much food rubbish so it was just unlucky.

If your dog keeps repeatedly vomiting and is lethargic  take him to the vet, don't wait !, poison can take a couple hours to take effect or even sooner, depending on the type of poison and amount.

Basil was lucky he almost died as all the toxin levels in his blood, urea, etc  were on the higher  limit for him to stay alive . 

I have the Vet in El Medano ( Animal Center Sur), Pete and Kate from Poochies to thank for saving Basil's life. 

The Vet in El Medano has diagnostics in house so can do a blood test and get the results in an hour if need be, which is really important. Juan and Alex who both looked after Basil were both very professional and I felt Basil was getting the best treatment.

Pete ( Poochie Pet Hotel) gave me advise ( which probably saved his life)  as when I told Pete, Basil had had his anti-vomit injection but  still wasn't getting any better and was very spaced out, Pete told me to go back to the vet immediately. I was going to leave it a few more hours before going back to the vet.!

If I had waited a few more hours Basil probably wouldn't be alive as he was dehydrating so much.  We are so lucky he is still around. The little chap really fought to live. 

Big muchas gracias to the Vets at Animal Sur and Pete and Kate, and thanks everybody who phoned, emailed and left messages on facebook sending their best wishes for Basil it was very much appreciated. 

It wasn't Basil's time to go and hopefully we'll have his company for a few years more:)

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  1. Relieved doesn't really do justice to how we're feeling on your behalf.
    Our friend lost her dog to meat laced with rat poison and left by farmers. You'd think the countryside was safe for animals wouldn't you?

    That's one tough little chappie!
    We'll look forward to seeing him back to his old self.

  2. Thank you Andymont :) - Just been for a little stroll with Basil and I am now paranoid if he so much as sniffs anything. We came so close to losing him.

    I really feel for your friend.