Saturday, October 30, 2010

Importance of grooming your dog

Written by Steph Tufft Vet assistant, groomer and pet sitter.

It is quite obvious that if you own a dog with long hair you need to  groom him or her at least every couple of days, preferably daily  (short haired too but long haired is more important...obviously).

Aside from the fact that you will be maintaining a healthy coat,  removing build ups of dead hair and generally keeping the fur clean,  you can also use that opportunity to find any changes in your dogs  appearance (the older your dog gets the more important this is)

By this I mean any lumps or bumps. Any cuts, infections etc.

This is also where your groomer will come in as they should give the  dog a thorough check over to ensure there is nothing out of the  ordinary that you may have missed and need to be aware of.

I'm provoked to writing this as recently, when clipping a dog, I  discovered it to have quite a seriously infected and blocked anal  gland which needed immediate veterinary treatment.
The owners were quick to react at being informed and as soon as his  clip was finished (and anal gland emptied) they took him to the vet. He also had an infected lump on his nose which had gone un-noticed.With luck the problems (especially the anal gland) will have been caught just in time and a strong course of antibiotics should sort it  as opposed to emergency surgery.

The reason I started this by singling out long haired dogs is because  it is by giving them a thorough once over during your daily/every  other daily grooming sessions that you can find and deal with problems  before they get to the stage where they become an emergency.
Through all that long and/or thick hair you cannot possibly see what  is going on underneath without going through it.

So please keep on top of your dogs grooming and care whilst also  ensuring he is regularly groomed and checked for anything that may  have slipped the net.

Know your dog. It could save his life.

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