Thursday, October 28, 2010


Press release supplied by Karen Clack........

November the 5th bonfire night is just around the corner, please remember to protect your pets from the festivities .
This time of year can be a worrying and confusing one for your dog, occurrences like bonfire night don’t happen very often and that’s what makes it a lot scarier for your dog or puppy.

Dogs do not like unfamiliarity’s and all the flashes ,sudden bangs, smoke and flames can make your dog extremely scared and afraid of what is happening. Unfortunately there have been many cases of dog deaths on bonfire night over the last ten years so it’s a must to keep an eye on your dog at this time of the year and any other similar time such as New Years Eve.

Accidents and injuries happen on bonfire night because of dogs or puppies being loose outside and the unfamiliar sounds and flashes causing them to go into a panic and running away from home, running into roads, or getting stuck in tight spaces trying to hide from the noises.

Fortunately, there are rules and advice that can be followed to prevent times like these and keep your dog in safe hands. To begin you will need to stop your dog being out at night and keep them reassured indoors and away from their outdoor home if they have one.

Make sure all the doors are locked and shut, if your dog sees an opening they will go for it if they become scared. Try to make a small sheltered area for your dog where they feel protected and in control, and cuddles and calmly playing with your dog may help your dog be less nervous and take their mind off the situation.

If your dog does escape, be calm and positive with them wile trying to get them back inside as quickly as possible, if all these rules are followed then everything should go to plan and you will be able to relax on bonfire night and not have to worry about your pet.
    Information supplied by Accion Del Sol dog refuge , Poligono Industrial Estate, Exit 51 TF1, situated directly under the windmills at ITER , Parque Eolica, Granadilla. The refuge is open monday to friday 3-6 pm or contact 922778630.
    Last thursday the Tenerife Fitness club met at Torviscas and we had a great walk with our dogs to La Camella along the seafront. We meet every thursday at various locations for walks or fun exercise and agility with our dogs. Everyone is welcome to join us, there are lots of dogs at the refuge that would love to join in the fun if you dont have your own dog.
Please contact Karen on 687905511 or Danni Bryne on 619008035 for more information.
     Our next big event is on the 12th of December where we will be holding a horse and dog show at Hipico Del Sur in Buzanada , father christmas is even going to be there with presents for the children. More information to follow shortly but definitely a date for the diary.

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