Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carnival ! - Leave your dog at home...

Carnival season is upon us with parades and celebrating carnival fans who have had a bit too much alcohol . So please, don't take your dogs along  because they could quite easily be trampled, pushed around and have  risk of injury by walking on shards of broken  bottles. Also, carnival masks and costumes, can scare dogs.

"Dogs have very sensitive ears and are therefore much more sensitive to noise than humans, carnival crowds with brass bands and drums can cause stress to animals" - according to biologists. Dogs also frighten easily by fired gunshots or loud bangs. This can lead to spontaneous panic reactions, the dog could easily run away and disappear in the crowd.  "Highly sensitive dogs can still show signs of  trauma long after an event with signs of anxiety and behavioral problems."

Even dressing up a dog to go to the carnival is not a good idea.  As it just adds to the feeling of being uncomfortable.

"Take your Dog  for a quiet walk away from the Carnival celebrations,"

Information supplied by Marion, Director at  Accion-del-Sol

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