Saturday, February 11, 2012

Neutering Campaign by San Fransisco Animales

Press release by San Fransisco Animales

The neutering campaign by San Fransisco Animales has started well and already many dogs and cats have been operated upon. The campaign will run until the 24th / 25th Feb and will encompass the whole of the Island and El Hierro too. The importance of this campaign has been very sadly highlighted dramatically this week with Jill and Marisa rescuing 16, yes, 16 puppies from just one location near Golf Adeje...there are 2 mothers known and one has been rescued, but so far the other eludes capture ! Marisa is out there every day trying to get her....there has to be AT LEAST 1 more for this amount of puppies to be in one spot but so far there has been no sighting, so her fate is unknown.

All the puppies are adorable and photo´s will be published soon. Between Jill and Marisa there are another 14 puppies making a total of 30 puppies that have to be inoculated, deflead, de wormed and fed. Puppies are very hard work and Marisa is virtually alone in La Caleta so if there are any volunteers who could spare a little time to help cleaning and feeding she would be very grateful.

Also ,Jill would like to Thank the person( who wishes to remain anonymous) who donated a large amount of money to enable this campaign to take place and the many others who have helped financially, also the many people who have given accommodation, transport and are cooking daily for the vets and their helpers whilst they work. As you can see by the above story, this is a very valuable and much needed campaign to help the numbers to be reduced, of puppies and kittens in the future being born to be then abandoned along with their Mum´s and it benefits all the refuges and some of the homeless people who responsibly wish to neuter their animals.
Thank you so much from the bottom of San Fransisco´s heart.

Sounds like a Wooftastic campaign guys ! - If anyone is interested in volunteering for San Fransisco, especially at the moment as they desperately need help !  please phone Jill on 616 747 284

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  1. fantastic. wish more people would take note on how important neutalizing is. now without trying to jump on the band wagon. there is a black cocker spaniel which is semi abandoned on the beach front in front of the costamar,she had a litter bout 5 months ago of which i beliee some of the pups were killed but they kept another female. who no doubt within a couple of months will be pregnant as is the mother again. without physically stealing these dogs i dont know what else to do. if you could help it would be great. i will donate for the op for the two. we do raise money for the refuges. anyway could you let me know if you can help. andrea