Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poochies Pet Hotel has new owners

Mark, Alice and Gizmo

We went to visit the new owners of Poochie's Pet Hotel this morning. Alice and Mark greeted us at the gate giving me a friendly pat on the head. They were very careful to put away the bigger doggies before they opened the gates, which was very good, I appreciated that :)

Nikki and Richard had a coffee and chat and I had a play with a mad Yorkshire terrier mix. Alice and Mark have been working with the previous owners of Poochies (Pete and Kate) through the summer, so know what running a Doggy Hotel is going to entail, and they have plenty of enthusiasm and of course it goes without saying Alice and Mark love dogs.

I wish Alice and Mark every success with running Poochies and look forward to staying there soon :).

Good bye Pete and Kate you will be sadly missed by many people and dogs on Tenerife. All the very best of luck with your new life :)

Ring Alison or Mark on 661 099 365 if you would like to book your pooch in for a stay..

Check out the post on the Red Queen's blog about Poochie Pet Hotel's new owners

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  1. Gizmo, I am so glad you liked Alice and Mark, they are a lovely couple and I wish them the very best of luck with this new venture.