Friday, August 5, 2011

A Happy Tail of a pooch called Mercedes


Written by Manuela...
Mike and I had been doing some research into Doggie T-Shirts as a potential new line for our printing business so we decided to go to a pet shop in Los Cristianos to see what’s available at the moment. Whilst at the shop we spotted some puppies in cages and had a look at them, they were soooo cute. Thinking nothing of it, we could not get one of the puppies out of our minds and we started talking about the potential of having a dog again. (We had a dog many years ago but didn’t replace him after he went.

We then decided rather than to get a puppy we should adopt a dog from a Refuge and we started trailing the internet searching K9 and Tier Aktion and a few others. We spotted her photo in the Tier Aktion Facebook Adoption Section and fell in love straight away but because TA are not open on Sundays (and it was Saturday) I got in touch via Facebook stating my interest in ‘Celeste’ the name given to Mercedes by TA and that we would come on Monday during their opening hours and please not to give her to anyone else. We drove up at 3pm and asked just for her. 

She was the most gorgeous sweet thing we’d ever seen and took her out for a walk around the Shelter and decided to take her home straight away. According to Marion at Tier Aktion, Mercedes had been found walking on the streets of San Miguel and she had been at the shelter for about 6 weeks and were were told she is about 2 years old..

 She has brought so much life and love into our family, words cannot describe it. She comes everywhere with us and is a true companion. We are looking forward to many years of happiness with her.

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