Monday, August 15, 2011

Beep, beep Auto needs a home !

Written by Hazel Eames - K9
Auto was around 4 months old when he came to K9, back in July 2008. He was found by the TF1 junction at Las Chafiras with a collar and lead attached. You would think he was actually a lost dog but no-one came looking for him. So he has grown up in the kennels, whatever happened to him in that first 4 months has stuck, as he is very shy with new people, especially with men. He also has a problem with new dogs and will be the first to attack. Over his time at K9 he has been paired up with various kennel mates and seen them go to new homes.
He is currently with Roberta, his kennel mate for more than a year now (also looking for a home). He loves to go walking and is very good off the lead, Roberta loves to run about but Auto only runs and plays for a little bit and then stays nearby. Auto is a special dog and will need a very loving and caring home, can you help. He will need patience but with time will grow to love you and be a very good companion. It would be best for him to be in a one dog family although with time and effort will pair with a female. We are hoping that Auto’s Story will touch the heart of someone, who will be willing to give him a chance.
If you can help, please contact K9 667 638 468, or email

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