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What To Do If You Find An Abandoned Dog

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What to do if somebody finds an abandoned dog?
                      Call the local Police immediately
                      Communities like Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, Guía de Isora and Arona have now their own special collecting services called "Protección civil". They have equipment and the authority to catch the animals.
                      Protección civil has to find out if the stray animal has got an identification number (owner) or not.
                      Only Protección civil has the authority to take the animal to an animal shelter who belongs to the area
                      The animals have to be transported in a special transportation box
                      It’s on one’s own responsibility to pick up a dog or a cat from the street.
                      Each community has to take care of the abandoned animals according to the law.
      What do they do with the dogs afterwards? For example en “Aktion tier”, Granadilla:
·        Dogs get registered
·        Dogs get bathed and cleaned
·        Dogs get fed
·        Dogs get vaccinations, identify chips, passports and castrated
·        Heartworm test has to be done
·        Introducing  the dog to the kennel and his bed
·        We must try to place the dog with the right group of dog companions so that he feels safe and calm.
What does a refuge like “Acción del Sol” mostly need?
·        Good staff with a lot of energy
·        Help from volunteers
·        Help from the press and….
·        Donations generally
·        Material donations for example:  Towels and sheets and…
·        Toys, balls and…
·        Leads and dog-collars
·        Serious new owners with enough time and space for the animals.
·        Volunteer passengers to accompany dogs to Germany
·        Volunteers to walk the dogs
·        Members

Written by Marion Gonzalez Director of AktionTier Tenerife
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  1. Sue Havenhand, Live AricoMarch 30, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Thats great in thoery, but when I tell people who are calling me about abandoned animals to call 112, they call me back in 5 minutes and say they didnt want to know....
    Guess it depends who picks up the phone.