Wednesday, March 31, 2010

K9 Tenerife and sending dogs to Germany

Of the 249 dogs who left the kennels last year, 63 (25%) were sent to Germany. Some of these dogs had a new home destined for them, but the majority went to foster carers to await a permanent home. Most of these transfers are arranged by our colleagues at San Francisco de los Animales who have built up links with Germany over the years. On average it will cost €500 to send a dog from Tenerife to the UK. The german airline companies are prepared to take a dog as an ‘excess luggage charge’ and for a small dog this can be as low as just €35. Obviously in these cases the dog has to be accompanied by a passenger and K9 are indebted to San Francisco for their assistance in finding these willing ‘host’ passengers.

Read here about three dogs who were sent to Germany

Written by Mikey k9
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