Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rescue dogs and how to bond with your new Pal..

Dogs that come from rescue shelters can have  physical and behavioural problems. They may have been abused or neglected . So it may take a while even months for your new friend to trust you and settle into his new home, so be patience.

Recently a friend of mind adopted a very cute little dog (Katy) from a rescue shelter ( Aktiontier). Katy was very nervous at first , but her owner ( Sally ) has been very patience and calm with her new doggy friend and allowed Katy some space to get used to her new home. Not having too many people coming around to visit is probably a good idea at the beginning. Now Katy is very affectionate and will even have a little woof when somebody comes to the door, which means she is protecting her territory, her home..!

Katy with her new Mum

Some experts  advise walking your dog to their new home, rather than driving, the idea behind this is that the dog will immediately have a sense that this is their new home. Park a few streets away maybe and walk the rest of the way.

There are experts of course that can advise you if you feel that your new dog is taking too long to settle in his forever home. 

Steph a dog trainer, Vet nurse and groomer ( who lives in Tenerife) has had a lot of experience of looking after rescue dogs she fosters dogs from Live Arico. 
Tel Steph on 628859973

If any doggy experts out there have any tips on getting a  rescue pooch settled in his or her new home please leave a comment below... Thanks:)

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