Friday, February 12, 2010

Aktiontier - Dog Rescue Shelter

I recently visited AktionTier to show some friends around and was privileged to see the birth of 7 puppies ( Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so can't show you photos).

While I was there Marion the Director of AktionTier explained to us the policy she has of taking abandoned dogs into her shelter. Marion discourages people from bringing stray dogs straight to Aktiontier and if someone brings an abandoned/stray dog to the shelter they are asked to go to the police dog pound first to hand them in to be checked if they have been micro-chipped and if the owners can be found.

Like the other dog rescue shelters AktionTier welcomes volunteers to walk the dogs, the shelter is open from 3pm to 6pm, lots of room to walk a dog around the rescue shelter and you are able to take a walk on the beach if you wish.

AktionTier is located in the Granadilla Industrial estate  take the first exit off to the Granadilla industrial estate, exit A, as you are going North. When you turn off the motorway head for the windmills as the rescue shelter is close by.

Industrial de Granadilla, Parque EĆ³lico de ITER 38611 San Isidro Tenerife 


  1. That looks like a fantastic shelter. is it funded from central money or a charity...

  2. Hi liverpoo-lou..

    Aktiontier Tenerife get most of their funding from Germany. Aktiontier Tenerife is part of a organisation which has Animal Charity Centres around the world. Yes they have very good facilities for the dogs , go and take a look.
    The shelter is are open from 3pm to 6pm.

    I have included links in the article above to other posts about Aktiontier...

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