Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tarzan's Story written by Dominique from Live Arico

Thank goodness for the kind humans at Live Arico this pooch who was found in a terrible state wandering near a roundabout, was one of the lucky strays and was picked up and cared for before it was too late !

Tarzans story of survival, written by Dominique, Secretary of Live Arico Animal Protection

It all started out as just another call to pick up a dog from the Traysesa Depot in Las Chafiras. (Traysesa are the people who clean up all the debris from our motorways and roads.)
This little dog was found wandering at the Los Cristianos round about. Cars were swerving in order not to hit it. We at Live Arico see a lot of unwanted and discarded animals in all states of neglect. But when Eugenio saw this little scrap that was lying in the Traysesa depot even he had to blink away the tears.
There on a blanket lay what looked like a discarded bundle of filthy hair. Eugenio immediately took the doggie to the vet in Las Chafiras.
Before the vet could even give a diagnosis, the animal had to be relieved of its fur.
The hair was so matted that it covered the whole of its face and the poor creature couldn’t see where it was going. The caked filth around its mouth meant that it could barely drink or eat.
When the hair around its eyes was cut away, blood and puss were oozing.
Once all the hair was cut away the little scrap of skin and bones was put on a drip to combat severe dehydration.
After three days of intensive veterinary care in Hospivet Sur, Las Chafiras, our little friend was ready to be released. As the Live Arico refuge has no adequate facilities for sick dogs, he was released into my care.
Caesar the vet prescribed lots of rest, good food and lots and lots of love.
I brought the 3.5kg scrap of poodle home with me and we called him Tarzan.
Not withstanding everything our latest addition to the family must have endured whilst he was roaming the streets, he loves the human contact. If possible he would spend his days curled upon my lap. At night he curls up by my side, gives a contented sigh and goes to sleep.
I would like to ask all the people who must have seen this little dog stumbling around Los Cristianos, “Why did you look away? Would it have really been that much of an inconvenience to pick up the phone and make a call to the police? Or take this dog to a vet?”
Mahatma Ghandi said: “We can judge the greatness of a nation by the way it treats its animals.”
Oops… going by this example and the ones that we at Live Arico (and no doubt at other shelters around the island) see on a regular basis; we are not scoring high marks there.
Have we really become so self-centred or have we become so afraid of being called busybodies or interfering so & so’s, that we look away, or pretend that we haven’t seen an animal in distress?
Have we become a nation totally without morals, values or compassion?

The Christmas season is upon us. No doubt in some families a little puppy will be joining the family.
Please, please , please in name of all the Tarzan’s, Bella’s, Theo’s, Jack’s etc… think long and hard before you decide to buy that cute little ball of fluff with the lovely big eyes.
These puppies soon grow up and will always depend on their human family for all of their needs, and this for the rest of their natural lives.

If you would like to make a donation to Live Arico or help in any way, here are the numbers to call

Eugenio 649 001907 (Please call if you find a dog abandoned or in distress)
Suzy Q 629 388102 (Call regarding fund raising, press releases, prize donations etc)
Dominique Whitby 922 733892 (General enquiries, donation collections, bequests etc)
Pete Holland 661 099365 (Poochies Pet Hotel for boarding your dog)
Karen Clack 687905511 (Shop enquiries, collections & donations, horse care and advice)
Rick 639 207064 (Shop donations and collections)
Regina Queder 669668512 (Cat rehoming, care and advice)
Debbie Gibson 637 918158 ( Land Appeal, overseeing land purchase)

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  1. WHOA! Offt!

    Glad he was relieved of his fur and the pain. Glad he's curled up on your lap.

    I can say that I got my Henry through a rescue. Best that way.

    (he's passed now but still, he was the best dog ever cause pre-owned dogs are the best!)

    Take care