Friday, December 18, 2009

Basil's 10 Top Tips to give Pooches a stress free Christmas Holiday

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1.Keep your pooch's feeding routine the same, there is nothing that will stress us out more than finding our dinner isn't in our bowl at the usual time ! Culture Hound says 'stressed I'd be absolutely livid'
2.Make sure your Pooch has a quiet place to go to if things get too noisy and hectic. Ideally a separate room so if we want to escape we are not trapped in a room with strangers. ( I think some humans would like this idea of a separate room as well )
3.If is not possible to take us out for a long walk, because you are busy, at the very least let us out into the garden so we can have some fresh air or go around the block once, a few times a day. It might be Christmas but we still need to go the toilet !
4.Don't let us drink any alcohol as only a little amount can put a small pooch into a coma, so keep half glasses of wine and beer off the floor out of our way.
5.If visiting friends or relatives are bringing their own cat or dog then make sure that introductions have already been made away from the house as territorial issues can arise. For example I can't get on with cats , I think it was a bad experience I had when I was a pup. I just have this incredible urge to chase them all the time.
6.Never leave any children alone with pets in the house, especially the very small variety that think we are a toy and start pulling on our tail, ears , etc. Very annoying, or even worse start dressing us up in Christmas outfits !
7.Don't give us loads of scraps from the table, (can't believe I am saying this ! ) Even if we turn on the big eyed soulful look. Fatty foods can cause us to have bad diarrhoea.
8.If there are medicines in the house keep them away from us pooches, and tell your guests who have to take medication at certain times to make sure they keep them safe.
9.Put Christmas paper and other gift wrapping materials away from us , when you have finished wrapping your Christmas presents. Sometimes we like to play with and chew paper, this could cause choking or blocked intestines. Not very nice !
10.Lastly but not least keep chocolate out of our way, chocolate is poisonous for us even in small amounts.
Muchas gracias
Basil :)
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