Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Farting Pooches...!

I know farting dogs maybe a odd subject to be writing about , but to anyone who owns a dog I am sure can relate to that eye watering moment when your beloved pooch managed to clear the entire room with a single rather obnoxious smelly rip.

What I always find incredible is when your pooch looks at you in complete innocence after the deed is done , as to say 'what is the problem, its better out than in' . Of course that innocent look can be justified when said dog is being wrongly accused of your own flatulence problem

Flatulence is basically the accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract when bacteria in the digestive tract break down food items. Any dog can suffer from it to differing degrees – some may get excessive flatulence. If your dog’s flatulence does become prolonged or excessive, of course you will need to consult your vet.

Some common causes of dog flatulence are food or diet related. For example:

1.“wolfing” down food. Eating too fast in other words.

2. Feeding your pooch food which will, in all likelihood, cause wind problems just like they might you. What happens if you eat too many, beans, or have too much garlic etc. Well feed them to your dog and he may well end up just as you would. I made the mistake of giving Basil some garlic chicken, boy did I regret that, it took two days to get through his system and visitors didn't stick around for long.

3. A poor quality diet – cheap dog food, leftovers etc

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  1. Those mixed colored dog biscuit shapes - that include black (charcoal) - help considerably with this problem.

    Of course, if it's a family member blaming the dog, charcoal tablets can be given to the real culprit instead! :)