Monday, November 2, 2009

Having a Bath..!

About 10 times a year humans think its necessary for us to have a bath. I don't know this human obsession with hygiene, personally once a year would be fine, but no as soon as my owner sniffs a doggy odour about the house its off to the bathroom for me. I mean for goodness sake, I am a dog I am bound to smell doggy !.
As I said this washing ritual usually happens about once every 4-6 weeks for me, but really it depends of course what I have been rolling in !. I have heard some poor pooches who are prone to oily skin have baths every 2-4 weeks and they have to use a special shampoo for dogs. Though I would say its probably best on the whole to use dog shampoo for all sizes and differing length of furriness..
A tip when washing us though, make sure you don't get excessive amount of water in our ears, we really hate that , and it can cause us to have ear infections. Some humans put a cotton ball into our outer ear to remove the excess water, but that will depend on whether your pooch will allow you to do that..!
Finally, very important give your pooch a treat after washing, at least we know then that after the ordeal of having a bath we have something to look forwards to afterwards..!
Here is a video of one unfortunate pooch being given a bath

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