Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paintings by dogs..!

A rescue pooch artist based in Maryland USA has been selling his abstract paintings for over a thousand pounds !. The proceeds of the poochs artwork goes to helping to run Shore Service Dogs centre..See link

Basil is also a bit of a 'Pawcasso' and he had no formal training !. Here is his latest creation, Title - 'Chasing the Cat out of the Garden'. ( see below )

Basil wondering whether he has overworked the brush strokes

This piece is about his own on- going personal angst with cats invading his garden. Basil likes working with yellows and greens and in a abstract style.

Basil's art might not fetch a thousand euroes , but any offers for maybe the price of a 20kg bag of dog food for one of the Tenerife rescue shelters...? The painting has been signed by the artist himself but he got a bit carried away so there are quite a few paw marks on this particular art creation..

I have now finished..!

How about a biscuit then, us artists need to eat..!

Any offers for Basil's artwork email

Click here to see Live Arico Dog Show

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  1. He looks very proud of his masterpiece...and as a reward you should give him some of his master's piece (a piece is a sandwich where I come from)!