Sunday, October 11, 2009

Basil's visit to Poochies Hotel

I recently went up to check Poochies Hotel with Nikki. I possibly will be staying there when Nikki and Richard go on holiday, as the people who normally look after me might not be around. Pete gave us some directions to get to Poochies which were very good, though apparently I distracted Nikki when we got into El Rio and she missed the turning next to the church, but we turned around in the next village and we quickly found our way.

Poochies Hotel

When we arrived at Poochies we were greeted by Pete and he gave me a hug which was nice, friendly...

We went into his house which is where the small doggies stay, stunning views of the sea from his sunroom, and I could almost see the house where I live. Nikki had a cup of coffee with Pete and I had a bowl of water with ice -cubes in it, nice touch. Must remember to remind Nikki about giving me ice-cubes in my water bowl at home..

After Nikki had a chat with Pete, and I finished having a sniff around the house and jumping on the sofa etc.. well I might be staying there after-all got to check it out, we then all went outside. Poochies has kennels for the bigger dogs outside and an area for the doggies to runaround , plus a swimming pool and bath. Though if I stay I won't be using either swiming pool or bath as I don't like water..

Me trying out Pete's sofa, very comfy..

Me trying out the bath with a new pal ( no water in there thank goodness) the things I have to do for a photo shoot...!

Well if my usual carers are unable to look after me (they are very nice people, they play golf ), Poochies looks like a cool place to stay. Pete didn't mind me sitting on his sofa which is always a good sign..

Any mutts out there who need a place to stay when your owners go gallivanting off on holiday or if you are moving back to the UK and you need a long term stay while your owners sort out your passport then...

Ring or email Pete on 661099365

Also if you have flight boxes to donate for the rescue doggies contact Pete..

Pete and one of his Rescue dogs, Pete also helps out Live Arico and is on the commitee

A sweet rescue pooch, though a liitle shy. If anybody is interested in giving her a loving home ring Pete

Area where the doggies exercise

Sniffing out for lizards

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  1. how cute does basil look wouldnt mind staying there myself lol