Saturday, June 27, 2009

K9 Need Your Support..!

Important announcement- K9 needs your help. As an animal charity K9 cannot operate without you the public's help. This is a public service supported by a number of volunteers that takes abandoned and sick animals into the K9 sanctuary and eventually re home these unwanted animals. While they are in our care we need to feed them, pay to keep them in santiary conditions, preventing fleas and parasites, treat them at the vets (including spaying), inoculate them and spend money on many more items. Have you heard of the credit crunch? Guess what K9 is fully included in this.

We are finding things particularly difficult financially. Raising money is no laughing matter. We have economised as much as possible but cannot manage with the lack of funds. Now we are asking you to donate your money to us to take care of these very unfortunate animals. No matter how small your donation is that is not a problem . Lots of small donations make a big donation! You can also donate any items for for the various fund raising sales, infact anything at all, will sell! Also bags of dry dog food would be welcome. Can you imagine how much dog food costs every month for 70 plus dogs and 20 or 30 cats.

Thanks for your support..

To make a donation phone 922782840 or 922740160.

Information taken from the K9 blog

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