Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dog art and shake that fur...!

Video of dog exhibition in Manhattan "A Thousand Dogs" photos from well known photographers and starting from early days of photography to the present day . Must of been difficult to get a shot of a pooch in the old days with slow shutter speeds though...!

The exhibition was in aid of raising enough money to help a thousand dogs and cats. Cool idea.....!

Nikki the blog editor takes some neat shots of dogs see the pic of me and the rest of the doggy contributors, I think I look pretty cool..!
Infact one of her digital art photos is for sale in The Live Arico shop. (see image below)
Nikki is thinking of having a doggy exhibition to raise money for the dog rescue centres of Tenerife - Watch this space..!

You can see more of Nikki's art work on LondonArt

'Other side of the door' - Nikki Attree
Check out this very educational film about dogs shaking... great slow motion shots of mutts shaking it about, apparently us pooches don't all have the same style of shaking, could of told them that..!
Fascinating stuff though..


  1. You have to be the coolest looking pooch in Tenerife, but how do you get those sunglasses to stay on?

  2. Took an extraordinary about of training and a bit of help from photoshop. :)