Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How tragic a young girl dies after being attacked by four dogs in the UK.

How tragic a young girl (Jade Anderson) dies after being attacked by four dogs in the UK.

If you read the link in the Guardian, the police are still trying to confirm the breed, but two of the dogs are thought to be Staffordshire bull terriers and two bull mastiffs.

It's so important to socialise your dog, whatever breed you have. As all dogs can have the potential to attack, but there is no question and I think it is your moral obligation if you own a dog that is so strong and has the potential to cause serious damage like the Staffordshire bull terrier , Pit-bull and bull mastiffs  etc, to train them properly

I know even a Yorkshire terrier could cause injury to a child, but to my knowledge no child has been killed by a Yorkshire terrier.

I am sure there will be many on my Facebook page who will reply with the claim that their bull terrier, pit- bull etc  is a pussy cat and would never attack and that is great, good and you probably right it will never happen , but please don't think because he is a pussy cat with you in your home, that he may never attack. I have seen many dogs in Tenerife that should have muzzles on them, but their owners claim that their Rottweillers, staffordshire-pit bulls etc  are fine and it's no need for their dogs  to wear one. The problem is that it only takes one attack to ruin an innocent persons life, being scarred for life at the very least or killed.

The fact is Pit-bulls, Staffordshire bull terriers, etc  have incredible strong jaws and will cause far more damage than many other breed of dogs and it only needs to happen once, and it could be the only time the dog has ever attacked in it's life, but it could end in tragedy as it did sadly for Jade Anderson. So proper training is so important and using a  muzzle in public if your dog is listed as dangerous is essential, and the right thing to do !

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