Sunday, March 10, 2013

My views on Crufts

One of the most interesting things about Crufts were the different charities which were discussed on the program, for example 'The Medical Detection Dogs' a organisation that trains dogs to help people with life threatening health problems see link  also the Dogs for the disabled charity that trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities.

Personally though, I think Best of Show is a weird concept.  I can understand the agility section, heel work etc, because the dogs are doing something active and they look as if they are having fun, but poncing around the ring doing nothing but basically showing off your fur style and how you walk is just well strange. Another thing one of the finalists had a very sloped back, don't tell me that is natural. Plus there were quite a few fatties in the ring .!

The crufts presenter discussed with a  kennel club representative if hybrid dogs ie labradoodles would every be accepted  in crufts. How snooty is that, I don't think any self respecting doodle would want to ponce around a ring anyway. Personally I have better things to do than take a bath every week or even more and have my fur brushed every time I move, no, no wouldn't suit me !

Lastly what is it with the ridiculous show names is that really necessary an example 'Belleville honeynut crunch' sounds like a breakfast cereal not a name of a dog. I mean to say you got to laugh,

Thought I would make a couple up myself.....

Philippe Viscount Butt Face the Great Woofer - Bulldog

Salvador Dali of Kentwood Keep and Eye on my Nuts - Great Dane


  1. diamondbertie agrees with you.
    My previous dog was an ex show dog (his owner died) his widow wanted him to have a good home, he did, he was a charming gentleman of a dog

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