Sunday, May 13, 2012

HOT, hot, hot - watch out pooches keep cool !

Its really important especially in Tenerife to make sure your pooch does not get overheated. Dogs Trust has compiled three essential tips for owners to help their dogs beat the heat:

* Walk your dog in the morning and evening when the weather is cooler and make sure shady spots and drinking water are available.
* Clip the fur of particularly hairy hounds (like me) and apply canine sun cream to areas most likely to burn: ears, nose, and belly. Human suncream can be toxic so buy a special pet version from your local pet shop.
* Be extra vigilant with older and overweight dogs as they are more prone to overheat. In a real emergency wet your dog thoroughly and use a household fan to blow cool air over their head and body. Seek urgent veterinary attention.

If your dog shows signs of distress – such as excessive panting, blueness of the tongue or collapse contact your local vet immediately.

So please watch out for us pooches in the heat..!

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